what should i netflix?

  1. i have had such a bad run of netflix movies and tv shows lately! it's getting frustrating.

    i rarely go to the movies and i haven't cable in ages (and even when i did, i didn't watch tv much) so almost all shows are new to me.

    suggestions please! old or new, tv shows or movies. thanks!
  2. Old: Shadowlands, Return To Me, Life is a house

    New: Crash, Wedding Crashers, Coach Carter

    I can't remember anymore right now...
  3. Best in Show, Waiting for Gufman, The Office (American TV series, also a good british version), X-Men movies, Crash, Wedding Crashers, American Beauty, Wonder Boys, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Titanic.

    I'll post more soon, I love movies! What do you usually like?
  4. aw you guys rock...although you're posting movies i've already seen and loved (and own, for the most part). :smile:

    american beauty, apollo 13, heathers, roman holiday, the incredibles and gone with the wind are my favorite movies ever. i also like romantic comedies in general, although the last three or four i've rented were worthless. as for tv i could (and do!) watch friend over and over and over and never get tired of it. i also like SATC, 24 (but not alias for some reason), six feet under, the west wing, 90210, old WB teeny bopper stuff in small doses (dawsons, gilmore girls, charmed) star trek (but no other sci fi), and funny animation (south park, simpsons, family guy, etc). lost and desperate housewives are okay, but if not for netflix i wouldn't watch them.

    i'm going to try the first season of buffy b/c my friend is *obsessed* and talks about it constantly...i figure even if i don't like it, at least i'll know what she's talking about. but still love suggestions...hubby is out of movies almost too....thanks again! :smile:
  5. If you want to laugh like crazy-rent 40 year old virgin-
  6. rent sex and the city and you would have lots to watch. hehe. did u watch 4400 yet? thats a pretty good one too. :biggrin:
  7. If you like Dawsons, you might like The OC. Life Aquatic is good. If you haven't seen Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter movies, they could keep you busy for a long time! I'll try to come up with some more original choices:smile:

    Actually, if you like F. Scott Fitzgerald, there is a sort of obscure movie about his last book called "Last Call" that was interesting. I just watched it.

    Also, for mysteries, I loved Hide and Seek, The Others, and Identity.
  8. I recently watched The Family Stone and it is such a GREAT movie! It is a mix of awesome comedy, drama. Made me laugh and cry, 2 great components to a movie.
  9. Goodfellows, Casino, Sunset Boulevard, The Beach, The Muse, Mother, Texas Chainsaw Massacare, The Hills have Eyes, Kalifornia, White Mans Burden, American History X, Catch me if you Can, My Couisin Vinny, Enough, Crash, She Devil.
    Curb your enthusiasm
    Sex and the city