What should I name my cat?!

  1. Duchess is a great name!
  2. ^^^OH...too sweet.

    When I was young and living on a farm, where cats were born and disappeared weekly :yes:, I had about nine cats in a row named Purpy.

    I really think you should carry on my cat-naming tradition. :tup: (I have NO idea where that name came from or why I was so attached to it! ha!:nuts:)
  3. My grampy named his cat "Tac" after he couldn't figure out what to name him...Cat backwards, if you didn't see :smile:
  4. I like Kiki
  5. She's cute! I chose Mahlia.
  6. I like Kiki! its sounds cute.
  7. I chose Uffie because it seems to suit her and afterall you'll be calling her that outloud so I found it the most appropriate. Dutchess is good too but I know I'd get tired of saying that out loud. Chanel is a beautiful name, but not sure about for a cat, also wouldn't like to say that out loud. I tend to choose cute names for pets, not beautiful ones. That was my opinion, hope it helped! LOVE your kitty by the way :love:
  8. Now that I've seen her I think you should name good old "Ginger".
  9. I love ginger cats! She's adorable - I'd go for either Ginger or Kiki.
  10. i like to name my pets with -ie at the end. so i picked uffie :smile: my cat's name is Pucci.
  11. I like Uffie, but only cause there's a performer I like named Uffie.

    I tend to observe my kitties for a couple of days and try to see if anything about their personality stands out...maybe a physical trait, then name off of that. If all else fails, I just fall back on fave performers, actors...beers, etc etc.
  12. ^I did the same. My cat acted very grandiose and dignified even as a kitten, so we named him Simba, which is lion in Swahili. Obviously it's also the name of the disney character.

    I personally like Chanel for your cat. But it all depends on personality. If she is hyperactive it won't suit her as well.
  13. How about Coco or Chloe?