What should I look for in a Sonatine?

  1. I'm dying to get my hands on one, and trying to see if I might be able to get one on eBay...but what should I look for? this would be my first LV - i love the size and shape of this bag. If you have one, anything you like/dislike about it?

  2. I thought it was such a cute bag...but I didn't like the red lining. I just didn't keep it because I felt like I already had a small bag (pochette). Other than that, I think it's a really great bag! Go get it!
  3. I think it's a cute, you should get it
  4. I bought one when I first started collecting. I gave it to my mother-in-law, but I think my SIL has it now. I really love the shape, but it is rather small.
  5. i have it and it is much nicer than the pouchette. Several friends said they which they had known about it before they bought the pouchette. I have alot of use from it and its great for going out. I love the little handles , its great handheld. i especially loved the red interior,much nicer than the red damier microfibre .
    i got it several years ago, it was 465.00
    Definitely go for it, I was not aware it was discontinued.
  6. LABAG - i dont think it is discontinued, I just am always looking to find an auth bag on eBay before paying full price - they now sell for $615...
  7. I have always been attracted to this bag. Something about it. I would love to see pics when and if you get it. Good Luck!
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