What should I let go of?


What should I let go of?

  1. Apple green Balenciaga first

  2. 05 Turq Balenciaga mini twiggy

  3. Brown/beige Chanel cambon pochette

  4. Sell everything!

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  1. I just bought myself a large black/black Chanel cambon tote to use for classes but I really don't have the resources to keep it w/ all of my bags. As much as this pains me, I really need the money, & having a lot of expensive bags I can only use on the weekends just seems a little wasteful. Please tell me what you think I should let go! I love all of them, but I had them for the summer so I did get my time to play w/ each!
  2. I should add, if I sell the cambon pochette, I would have to sell something else along with it! Must go dig through my closet!
  3. sell the mini twiggy, you already got a first which is a greater bag than the mini :P
  4. This is a very sad thread. Pochette is one I would let go. Then I would ask my self which color I love more and would use next season and let the other go.
  5. i would sell apple green, but i'm biased since i don't like that color much.
  6. i would sell the one I dont use very much, or am in love with the least. for me, it would probably be teh mini twiggy.
  7. :sad: oh plz dont sell the turq b bag! that color is TDF! i voted for the apple green out cause although its pretty but still not as the turq one.. besides the turq would last through seasons! <at least what i think! :flowers:
  8. I'd sell the Twiggy..I like the apple green color better, and you said you'd have to sell something else if you got rid of your Cambon pochette..
  9. I would sell the Apple Green first. The mini twiggy and the first hold about the same amount, and the Turquoise is a much nicer color in my opinion!
  10. The Mini Twiggy should go. I have an Apple Green First and that's a hot bag. Besides, I think you'll get the most bang selling the mini twiggy.
  11. Ahh they all have about the same votes! I am so sad, I don't know what to do. I love each of them for different reasons & occasions, but I simply can't justify all of them for just weekend use...I know it sounds silly, but I am very sad!
  12. I say let go of the mini twiggy but if you feel you need the money and will have great use out of the new chanel you just bought I say sell them all. Especially if you feel they're wasteful to have if you only use them for the weekends. That is how I decide if I want a bag too. If I use the bag a lot it's a keeper but if it's one I'm scared to use or only sometimes, I tend to let those go.
  13. I voted for the small chanel but that was before I saw your post about having to sell another bag along with it. So I guess I would change my vote to the twiggy. I really like the apple green - this is one of the colors I would LOVE to have so I really cant tell you to sell unless it was going to end up in my closet! ;) :lol:
  14. i'd say the twiggy because you already have another balenciaga. i'm biased though because i liek bigger bags and don't really like the twiggy's shape
  15. As I don't like Chanel, it's easy for me to say: sell it! :shame:
    I wouldn't let the Twiggy go.