What should I leave for feedback?

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  1. This isn't an ebay transaction but rather etsy.com -- but it's the same thing and would be the same with ebay so I hope I can post it here.

    Sorry - this is loooong.
    I ordered a bunch of stuff from one etys seller (3 shirts and 4 towels totaling $160). They arrived today and are exactly as I pictured - nice =)

    But here are the problems:
    I ordered this on NOVEMBER 24th!!!! It was supposed to be a Christmas gift.
    I contacted the seller many times in Dec - she said it was coming (shipping in Dec. to Canada was crazy slow so I didn't have a problem with that).
    Aftre Jan I emailed her and said 'It's not here - you need to send replacements'
    So on Jan. 15 she finally mailed more out.

    Now - I understand things get lost in the mail - it has happened to me.

    BUT - she NEVER once apologized. Never said 'I am so sorry this happened.' Never offered me any sort of reimbursment or even as much as a 10% off a future purchase coupon.

    This blows my mind.

    Also - when it came, the towels were all folded weird - so now I have to iron them and refold so the pictures show, and they were just thrown in a big envelope - no tissue or anything. So - when the envelope broke in shipping (Canada post taped it back up) the puffy stuff from the envelope got all over everything. Again - not her fault.... but for $150 maybe you could put it in some tissue paper?

    ANYHOO - what do I leave for feedback?
    (for those not familiar with etsy it's the same as ebay -- except you have more lines to write comments)
  2. I always ask myself...
    Was it a positive experience for me? Was it neither positive nor Negative?
    Or was it a negative experience that caused you stress and you feel compelled to tell other potential buyers about it?
    IMO this seller does not deserve a positive.
  3. That's exactly how I feel.

    I just feel bad beause they are nice items ... but the whole experience was negative.

    Perhaps, since I am leaving FB for more than one item, I can put pos for some and neg for others?
  4. I'm not familiar with Esty but if it were the bay I would put

    No communication from seller, took 2 months to arrive, Nice items but not worth the wait, AVOID.

    I've had this sort of thing happen before and I always kick myself for not ordering it direct or going to the store myself.:heart:
  5. I sell on ETSY and most sellers are willing to go the extra mile to help out a buyer. I've had two international shipments get lost before, and refunded immediately with apologies (I sell vintage, so no chance of re-sending anything). This sounds like the seller was only sort of helpful and only after she was forced.

    If you're sure the delays/damage were ENTIRELY the fault of customs/the post, I would leave neutral and leave a comment that mentions the sellers unwillingness to help.

    If you think the delays are also partly the seller's fault, and damage was due to poor packing, I would leave negative and leave a comment explaining why.