What should I have said?

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  1. So last night I went out with some women that live in my neighborhood for "Ladies Night Out". The women that live in my neighborhood are probably wealthier that I am and they always kind of look at me strange because i am the youngest one in our group by at least 4 years (I'm 26). I think that they wonder how I can afford to live in their neighborhood (which is none of their business so they keep wondering). Anyway, as we were leaving I saw one of women with what looked like the Chloe Paddington hobo. I went up to her and said, "Oh that's a Chloe Paddington right" And the woman said yes. Then I said, "Oh I have one on order right now" And then the women says, "Oh well mine is fake, I could NEVER afford a real one"

    I didn't know what to say. If it was fake why would she say it was a Paddington, then only admit it was a fake after I said I was ordering
    one. I just kind of looked at her and said goodbye and left. It was SO awkward! Since I have not seen that many paddies in real life and it was dark I could not tell, but thought it was real. Especially since at dinner they are all talking about all the fantastic places they have visited, how they all have gotten botox, how their husbands want them to stay home with the kids, but they still have a nanny. In my line of thinking, if you can afford a nanny, are dripping in freak'n David Yurman, you can afford a Paddington

    Sorry for the long post but I was just felt so wierd about the whole experience. What would you girls have done?

    If this is posted in the wrong section please move. Thanx:worried:
  2. you know what...i know a lot of rich people with fake stuff...

    most buy fakes because they don't care and would rather spend their money on real Yurman, St. John clothing, and things from other high-end designers. So they get these good looking fakes, and no one will question them because they are rich. They do have many authentic bags, but tend to buy fakes in "trendy" bags because they don't plan on using them for a long time.

    I don't know what you should have said...I probably would have done like you and not said a thing.
  3. Wow that really was a weird encounter. Maybe she was pulling your leg? Or as in american beauty, anne benning(?) says in order to be successful one must keep up the appearance of success. Something like that.....

    Anyway, maybe she maxed out her credit cards for the month... Who knows?

    But if you see her again, don't mention it, unless she does.
  4. :lol:she probably only told you it was fake because you told her you had one on order, her conscience got to her!!!
  5. There personalities are also fake ! This is the wrong crowd for you to be hanging out with, It seems they live superficial lives, Dont give these "ladies" anymore of your time.
  6. I think it is all a matter of where you choose to prioritize your extra earnings. I know a lot of wealthy people who buy generic food basics, toilet paper, paper towels, etc... it is exactly like black butterfly stated, they don't plan on using the bags long so why spend 2G on something disposable like a bag (their thoughts not mine).

    I don't think it is uncommon at all for wealthy people to carry replica handbags.
  7. It would have been rude if you would have said something about it. I would have left it at that and not said another word. Possibly change the subject.
  8. I have a few well-to-do friends who wear fake watches/jewells only because no one will ever question the authenticity of those. I also have a friend who wears the real thing but if people ask she says it's fake because she doesn't want to get mugged on the street by that same person who asks!
  9. Hmmm...One of my SAs said one day that several of her quite wealthy clients carry super-fake Birkin bags. She indicated that while they could afford real, they "enjoyed" having great fake Birkins in several colors. Why? I have no idea... My bags bring "up" the quality of my outfit and I enjoy the craftsmanship, features, etc. of authentic bags. Some of the most genuinely wealthy (and secure) people I know seem to care the least about these "things"... One night, my husband and I met another couple for dinner...she had on white pants...her underwear had bright blue sailboats printed on them...sorry, I could not help but notice, you could not escape them... I would assume she was quite secure (a judge, husband major investment banker, huge home and art collection) and simply did not care about her handbag, panty "issue", or other... I choose to live more simply in terms of home but choose to splurge on travel, handbags, and shoes... To each her own choices...
  10. I agree w/ this pretty much.

    I am a SAHM, have a Nanny, go to the gym, buy most of whatever I want . . .
    BUT, although I would NEVER carry a counterfeit I also have never prioritized my spending in such a way that I'm spending a bundle on handbags.
    I personally could never spend what some of the members here spend on handbags. Never.
    My husband makes a lot of oney and I still nearly passed out paying $900 for my Gucci! LOL! And I pay my Nanny that every month!
    It's an individual thing I guess, how you rationalize spending your money.
    Most SAHM's enjoy other ways of spending their money, like I mentioned above.
    It's easy for people to spend smaller amounts at atime, less painful if you will.
    Like I know some women who are ALL about their hair, makeup and nails, but would never spend more than a few hundred on a bag. But when they're only spending $50-150 at a time on other things it feels less painful, even though by the end of the month they could've bought any 2 LV they wanted! LOL!

    You did the right thing;)
  11. You did the right thing. Sometimes not saying anything is the best response. You were coutrious and kind. Perhaps they are stretched to the limit with their expenses. And handbags just aren't a priority to them.

    I have many people come into where I work and some of the bags look really real. I was gushing about someone's Vuitton Shopper Tote and after 3 visits from her, she finally told me it was fake! I almost died. I truely thought it was real. It was perfect right down to the feel of the bag. I wanted to go into my "fakes fund terrorists" speach, but figured to let it drop. They will figure it out one day.
  12. Just for the fun of it, I would probably would have said "wow I am surprise you are wearing a fake bag!" . And look at her in the eyes and see what she says.
  13. I probably would have said something like, "Wow, I never would have guessed--that bag looks terrific! What a great buy!"
  14. You did just the right thing. You neither chastised or encouraged her.
    It's hard to find perfect friends or acquaintances.
  15. I have a very wealthy aunt, and her and all of her friends buy fake bags constantly. I am a 22 year old law student, and am trying to curb my spending, so I really only buy Coach bags with the occassional Dooney, Longchamp, or Herve thrown in. Yet, everytime I go over there, my aunt and all of her friends look at me as if i'm insane to think that I can afford to buy a real bag when they are constantly buying fakes (and bad ones at that!). I guess it is really to each his own, but I feel like the type of people who buy fakes just clearly aren't the same type of people who hang out on this forum, no matter how rich they are they just don't understand the allure of a real bag.