What should I give my mom for her birthday?

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  1. Hi everyone, i need your help again.

    Anyway, my mom's birthday is coming up soon and I want to get her a little present. I'm still a student, so I can only afford to buy her something small. I wanted to get her something that she can use everyday. I have two choices so far, which one do you like better? the Josephine Wallet or Milla MM?

    Thanks everyone!!!:tpfrox:
  2. millia mm is SO cute! sounds perfect to me...so versatile and chic! what a sweet daughter! :heart:
  3. Oh I think the Milla would be great! Your are a terrific daughter your Mom is lucky LOL
  4. awww. thanks! :flowers:

    do you think she can use the Milla as a wallet as well? when she uses a bigger bag?
  5. I think she could! I saw it in real life and it can definitely fit inside a bag and still leave enough space for other things :smile:
  6. Josephine wallet. Does she already have an LV wallet? I think everyone could use an LV wallet.
  7. I think a wallet would be really useful.
  8. Milla MM!
    What a sweet daughter you are !! ..
    awww I wish I could afford to buy my mom something like that :sad:
  9. Josephine wallet or a Pochette
  10. While the Milla could be used in a wallet-like manner, I don't think it would be great at it. My vote goes to gifting your mom the Josephine wallet.

    Good luck with your decision and be sure to let us know the final outcome.
  11. Id go for the wallet. I use my mc milla mostly to go out. It does fit in my purse though but i mostly put stuff in it if im going to get some lunch on break at work or something. I def think the wallet will get more use out of it.
  12. Milla it's sooo cute!
  13. I would go with a Pochette. But Milla is soooo cute!
  14. I vote for wallet as well... or a pochette. The pochette can fit more than the Milla MM... and she can use it inside a bigger bag or alone as a small purse.
  15. A wallet!!! She will be able to whip it out of her bag numerous times a day and think of her sweet daughter every time she does so. Wallet definitely beats the Milla in price per use, imho. BTW: I was actually thinking on gifting my mom with a wallet as well. Good luck and hope she likes it (I am sure she will).