What should I get?

  1. So it goes a little like this...

    I happen to be a gym freak, and I always like to have my id's/wallet with me, but not the one that has everything in it. So what should I get to take to the gym?

    Ludlow wallet (monogram/damier)
    Damier pochette cles
    Monogram Change purse

    I'm open to any and all suggestions for different items, lines, whatever. All is cool, I just don't want something that's girly.
  2. I suggest the Ludlow wallet in Damier. I think Damier is more masculine overall anyway. Also, possibly something from the Taiga line?
  3. I've thought about the Taiga stuff, but none of it is small enough. Like I want something small enough to slip in my pocket without being too bulky. I did squats once with my keys in my back pocket and it drove me nuts.

  4. the Ludlow is definitely girly in my opinion. how about that "simple" credit card holder in Damier? don't they have lockers in your gym? i'd be annoyed if i had stuff in my pockets too.
  5. Damier ludlow.

    Or there's a really cute elastic cover card holder in epi that was discontinued several seasons ago - it'd be really nice in black or mocha for a guy. The bonus of that is one side is a clear plastic id slot, and the others are card holder slots.

    Shouldn't you just be David Beckham then ? ;)
  6. Ludlow wallet in Monogram.
  7. Yep, the Ludlow wallet!! : )
  8. Anything in Damier sounds good to me.

  9. They do, but I'm not one to use them cause I don't like to
    A) bring that much stuff for a locker
    B) bring a lock for it.
  10. If you're looking for something that is not "girly", I think you should get the Monogram/Damier Change Purse.

    I wouldn't recommend getting the Ludlow. The Ludlow is not a unisex-looking item. It does look more feminine.
  11. I'd get the Damier cles. :flowers:
  12. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone. I think I'll just stick with using my monogram card case for now and just wait to see what the groom pochette cles look like. Thanks again!