What Should I Get?

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  1. Well its been three months and my ban is almost lifted. What should I buy in the month of May?
  2. Something pleated!!
  3. something pink!:tup:
  4. The new pleated ergo tote or this![​IMG]<-------Just bought one myself!
  5. I had a poll but I took to long making it. Below are my four choices please add to it. Everyone knows the bags I have I am trying to go for something different.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] IN Chocolate [​IMG]

    These are my four!!!! Tell me what you think or what I should get instead.
  6. Out of the 4 I'd choose the tattersall
  7. I choose Tattersall or the Legacy Shoulder. The Scarf print has too much going on for my tastes and I don't really like that Soho print IRL.. :sad:

  8. That is very pretty. I dont see it on the website. What else is coming out in May?
  9. I just saw Kimmie's bag in Dillards today. It's much prettier in person!!
  10. Tattersall or the Legacy Shoulder
  11. legacy!!!1
  12. Chocolate patent Legacy shoulder bag!!! HANDS DOWN! :tup:
  13. legacy shoulder bag in chocolate gets my vote :biggrin:
  14. Me too:yes:
  15. legacy!!!! how can you go wrong with chocolate?