What should I get!

  1. After what seemed like forever of calling every Saks in the country for about the 4th time now, I finally found a cambon zip around wallet in pink & will be getting it for around 70% off. Now, I feel like I should continue to take advantage of this wonderful sale as I LOVE the cambon line, but what should I get? The small pink tote or pink ballet flats? Let me just say that the small is not too small for me as I usually just carry a pochette & it is perfect for my everyday needs. Which do you think will be a better investment or will I use more? The ballet flats will be around $230 I think & the tote around $450. Please tell me your thoughts! I can no longer make purchases without all your advice!

    p.s. I got the wallet for less than $300 & I am SO excited!! :biggrin:
  2. My vote goes for the small pink tote to go with your wallet :biggrin:
  3. which would U use more? the tote or shoes? i would go for the tote personally!
  4. Go for the tote! ;)
  5. I always find an excuse for another bag, the most common being: 'why should I spend so much money on a beautiful pair of shoes that quite a few people will step on while I can get a beautiful bag that more than a few people will admire?':graucho: :lol:
  6. AGGGHH! I'm going out of the country tomorrow so I wanted to call & confirm my wallet purchase & no one has any idea what I'm talking about! Not only were they all rude, but they said no one is holding anything for me & talked to me like I was crazy!!! I gave them all of my credit card & shipping information!!! How can this be happening!!! It's Chanel at Saks!! This is so unprofessional! I am so angry!! Not only to be missing out on the only wallet I have been trying to track down for 2 weeks but to have given a SA my information & have them lose it & then talk to me like I'm nuts!!! UGH! I don't know what to do, I leave tomorrow morning but I want to make sure everything is ok. :sad:
  7. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. Did you speak to the SA that took your info? I'm sure everything will be okay.
  8. Ok everything is all cleared up now, but they really had me scared! The only thing I'm a little worried about now is the SA wont call the wallet cambon, she just keeps calling it a wallet/clutch but said it is quilted pink w/ large black CCs so I'm assuming it's ok. So happy! Now I just need to decide what my 2nd purchase will be! But this time, I am calling my SA in AZ!
  9. I bought the cambon purse wallet (that;s what they called it) and it is big, very long. It was too tight of a fit in my medium pink cambon tote, so I can only use it now with my larger LV pieces. The original retail on this wallet was around $565.00 I love the wallet and it is so neat the way I can organize things but if it is the one you are buying the only way it will fit in the small tote is if you stand it up and that would drive me nuts. I can't use it that way in my medium tote so I just put it away until I change to my larger LV bags. If you were lucky enough to get a smaller wallet, great. It is confusing because the SA tell you different things. I originally thought I was getting the flap wallet when I explained what I wanted to the SA and I was sent the zippered clutch.
  10. Good to hear that everything is ok with your wallet now!!! For your second purchase, I would go with a small tote. It is SO cute!!!!

    Btw, where are you going? Vacation????? Have a GREAT time!