What should I get???

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  1. This weekend im planning on going to LV and possible buying a little something. I want another bag ( I already have a Tivoli GM and damier speedy 30 in ebony) but I want another bag. The thing is I want to spend no more than $1000 this time. Which bag should I get/take a look at??

    or should I wait to see some new stuff thats coming out??
  2. How about an Epi Lockit? Or Epi Speedy if you love the Speedy?
  3. Maybe something in Azur or Damier ebene? Are you looking for a handheld or something to put on your shoulder?
  4. I have no idea if i want a hand held or not, but im open to any suggestions!
  5. Epi Speedy 35? Beverly clutch?
  6. Neverfull :tup:
  7. I LOVE the Batignolles Horizontal!
  8. How about a wallet for your bags ... something in Vernis Pomme will go really well with your bags and maybe a cles/bag charm too?:graucho:
  9. How about a pochette or mini pochette to go with your bags you have??
  10. something in epi; you should try out some other LV lines w/ colors other than brown - you know, variety is the spice of life. have fun picking out your new bag.
  11. My suggestions:

    -Batignolles Horizontal ($775)
    -Petit Noe ($790)
    -Mono Lockit ($825)
    -Alma ($945)
    -Papillon 30 ($920)
    -Saleya PM ($965)
    -Popincourt Haut ($895)
    -Coussin GM ($910)
  12. thanks everyone!!
    i might wait to see some of the new things that are coming out though. im kind of the person that doesnt buy a bag unless i absolutely love it :yes:

    im still going to take a look at LV though!!
  13. Maybe some accessories?
  14. Take a look at the new purple epi items, perhaps?
  15. yea i would like to eventually get something in epi but im not crazy about any of the colors...i like purple but im not a big fan of it because i want a color that will go with more stuff. does anybody know if theyre coming out with any other colors this year? maybe i can wait