What should i get????

  1. I currently have a gucci horsebit hobo, in the medium size
    and a kooba chiara or claudia bag (i think they are the same, i don't know which mine is)

    now for my question:
    i want to buy a new bag..what would be best to diversify my collection..i want it to be something classic, recognizable, yet not too flashy
    should it be a top handle/satchel considering my other bags are hobos?
  2. a balenciaga (city) for sure!
  3. LV in the epi or damier line. Off the top of my head you might like the Trevi pm, or the alma
  4. thanks i was thinking maybe a damier berkeley?..what about something chanel??
    ahh there are so many options
  5. Chanel classic flap in black caviar. It def. classic.
  6. any other suggestions??
  7. Rebecca Minkoff MAB perhaps?