What should I get?

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  1. My birthday is next week, maybe I will get an LV bag. I haven't bought a lv bag since the last time I was in Las Vegas. I remember that a lady in the elevator told me "Louis Vuitton, every girl's gotta have one." =)

    I'm thinking that I should get something small. Lately I only carry around my card case, keys, phone and.. that's it. I'm thinking of a MC White Mini HL. I wanted a wapity but it doesn't fit everything I need into it.

    Suggestions? Something small? Pics would def be awesome also.
  2. Something small.. and extravagant ? How about a shirley ? It should be able to fit everything you've listed (well, if your cell phone is on the smaller side).
  3. Mini HL would be so cute!!!:love:
  4. Shirley, MC Pochette, or Mini HL, all soooooo cute!!!!!
  5. I'm not a fan of the shirley. I usually just go out with a Tshirt & jeans. I already have the Pochette =)
  6. i also vote for the shirley, it's so cute!
  7. You've got the Pouchette, don't care for the Shirley.......how about a Wapity? Great price, from what I'm hearing you can use it for a lot of things. Camera case, going out etc.
  8. MC wapity or ribera mini.
  9. hehe...ever thought of a lexington is raspberry?

    It can be girly as well as dressed up and slightly bigger (tho not as chunky)than a wapity? (Not too sure if you'd be able to chuck a camera in as well tho?)
  10. i was going to say get the SHIRLEY too... its such a classy LV piece... ummm, i like what bagsnbags and GenYbagaddict have suggested too... OR how about a pochette in MC white or black???
  11. I'm thinking either the wapity or the mini HL. I already have a rose lexington lying around and a mc white pochette. And no, definitely not the ribera. I'm saying no because of personal reasons.

    Think I can special order the wapity in Damier?
  12. I love the Wapity, it is just so darn cute!
  13. I think that the Wapity is really cute as well!!!

  14. Multicolore Eliza

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