what should I get?

  1. Mum's boyfriend got me $30 gift card for Macys. Since ours doesnt have a chanel counter, I figured I'll treat myself to something online.

    what Im thinking about:

    nail polish:
    what shade is your fave? how do they actually look when on?
    pink satin
    Im very fair, dark blonde hair in a pixie cut, 16, fun loving, spunky and need a HS appropriate color. nothing bright red, an everyday color please

    any codes for $$ off at macys or free shipping? thanks :smile:
  2. You -might- want to go to the stores just so you can try out the colors :smile:
  3. we dont have a chanel counter for 3 hours so a little far to drive sorry
  4. I don't have any personal experience with Chanel polishes, sorry. But I recommend checking out makeupalley.com or alllaqueredup.com. Both have lots of helpful reviews! :tup:
  5. mongolian flower and ballerina are good everyday color!