what should i get?

  1. i have already decided that im going to get a carryall + shoulder strap i want to get something else, i have about $600 more (remember this is in Australian dollars) i can work a bit more and i have abirthday coming up so that means bday money!!! my parents are going to france (if you dont know yet) and are getting me the carryall its works out to bieng about $1000 (AU) with tourist tax deducted this is a huge deal to me cos in Australia that would have cost me around $1800 , i was thinking of also getting a medium diary which works out to $350 (as apossed to $650 down here) but i dont know if i really want the diary its a great deal and great bday present but i dont know if i will really use it! give me some suggestions keep inmind im a guy
  2. i think the diary is a great gift. you can get a pen along with that too and it should work out to be within your budget.
    a diary is really practical and you'll use it everyday ..

    but if you're not much of a diary person ..
    maybe a cardholder or a nice wallet instead?
    and you can get your initials hotstamped as well
  3. How about an agenda?
  4. i have a lv wallet already and im leaning toward the diary, (by diary i ment agenda) but i dont know im not 100 % on it
  5. I think agenda would be a great idea as well...
  6. i have wanted one for ages but i have never used a diry in my life (since primary school and i was forced and hated using it) even if its $350 which isnt a huge deal of money i want to know ill use it? then again if i dont i can always sell it?
  7. or maye get something bigger i dont mind putting more money i just cant find anything i really love on the site yet!