What should I get...

  1. Hey ladies, just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for my EGC from Saks for 450.00 I want something Chanel...hehe and not too expensive maybe some cute shoes...I was thinking of those loafers for 550.00....

    I just got a black med luxe bowler and a modern chain flap, so no more bags till fall. :p :p

  2. Shoes, a wallet, or some cute costume jewelry!
  3. It all sounds good to me - as long as it is spelled......
    C H A N E L.:yahoo:
  4. camelia ring or maybe a pearl lariat if you want to pay the diff?
  5. Chanel sunglasses or shoes!:yes:
  6. I'd probably get shoes or sunglasses. The wellies were super cute if you need rain boots.
  7. I would get sunglasses, a wallet, or pearl necklace.
  8. ^ITA:yes::yes: or maybe pearl necklace?hehe
  9. Sunglasses or jewelry