What should I get?!

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  1. Hi everyone, I just got back from nyc a week ago and brough home the day bag in dark brown...which I love btw..and the leather is crazyy...so now this saturday and holt renfrew anyone who has an amex holt renfrew card gets 25% off anything in the store(excluding gucci) so I was trying to decide what to get....I don't want anything to expensive..what do u suggest...I need a BIG bag that can hold folders and paper work and possibly a lap top...what should I get?
  2. Maybe a work? Balenciaga is onsale too?
  3. totally agree! go for a WORK - its a great size!!! :o)
  4. I would definitely say a work. I think it's the perfect size for your needs. Let us know what you end up getting.
  5. Thanks for your replies!! I am going right now to put one on hold because I can't make it to the store on saturday...so i'll let you guys know what I get!
  6. the work for sure... i have heard a part time fits a lot too.