What should I get?!?!

  1. Hi so my bday is coming up soon and so is my anniversary , I was thinking about asking for either something like this http://cgi.ebay.com/COACH-SOHO-LEATHER-LARGE-FLAP-BAG-MAHOGANY-10192-NWT_W0QQitemZ330103246533QQihZ014QQcategoryZ63852QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    or I dont even know! haha! Here are my qualifications on a purse that i need which the soho flap bag may not be able to do.

    I have kinda a bad neck and cant have something big and clunky Ive had a herniated disk and ive had surgery on it.

    I like brown leathers and also the signature collection.

    I already have an 04 black duffle and punch signature stripe tote.

    It has to be big enough to fit my kate spade leather planner which is about the size of the larger coach planners maybe not as big.

    It has to fit my make up or make up bag which is pretty slip as i only carry mascara powder eyeliner and lip gloss.

    I dont really care too much for the new legacy stripe collection but i do like the legacy collection as well as the signature , and just plain leather collections.

    HELP ME! Thanks
  2. I have the shoulder tote in the signature stripe. It is nice and roomy and not very heavy with stuff in it. The shoulder strap is very comfortable. My vote is the shoulder tote!:smile:
  3. Sam, do you have a way to get to the outlets? I'm not 100% sure where Bedford is but as I said on the Outlet thread they have the signature Soho flaps at the outlet in San Marcos.

    They look just like this one of mine. Same color and everything:
  4. Nicole, how much are they there? Thanks! I am wanting to go to the outlet mall I just dont want to go alone so I might go with my mom for mothers day
  5. Dang, I wish I could tell you. I didn't look at the price to be honest. It was on a rack that was an additional 20 or 50% off the outlet price, though.
    I'm sorry I can't help more. You can certainly call them and ask though and they can tell you.
  6. Its okay I just dont know if it would be better if I buy the soho flap from eBay or should i wait and go to the outlet?
  7. I do not know what is available at other outlets, but this past weekend I stopped in at an outlet here in California on my way home from visiting relatives. As I have posted elsewhere I am fairly new to all of this, but I was so happy with the looks of my black signature stitched hobo. The only problem is that it was rather small for carrying alot of the other items I want to carry while traveling, (ipod, wallet, makeup case etc.) so I had been on the lookout for something bigger. I wandered around the store with some maybe bags in my hand trying to decide. When all of the sudden an SA put one of these out on the floor.


    I have been carrying it since I got home, I love the size, not to big, not too small, not clunky at all. The strap adjusts and I really like the detailing. I know that I have seen it in a sand color on eBay, not sure about a brown. But if one outlet had it maybe there are others with them. Off course at an outlet it is not of the current season, but I love the look of the pebbled leather on this bag also.
  8. ^^^^I have that bag in pink!! Awesome bag. whenever I carry it I get so many compliments.

    The soho flap bag is really cute. What about a brown hobo style bag???
  9. I was looking at the site and I like style number 10578 in mahogany . Do you think that soho flap would be big enough for my things?. I like the one you have too dragonfly!
  10. My Soho flap carries everything I need except for my camera which is on the big side. I love it. :smile:

    Try going to the outlets...you can always try eBay if that turns out to be a bust.
  11. very true nicole. I set a date to go with my mom the day before mothers day and i should just hold off and go check out the outlets and if i dont find anything then i can just always buy it from ebay.

    Its just so hard when you see something you are just like I WANT IT NOW! hehe
  12. Thank you Samantha. 10578 is a cute bag, I find myself drawn to ones with lots of detailing and that one has it! I just need things a little deeper unless it is a special occassion. It is so wonderful that Coach gives us all so many to choose from (or maybe not, when it comes to choosing). I can't wait until I finally jump out of my "black box" as my very small collection is all black at the moment.
  13. I love the Soho flap in the larger version and have a couple. It's pretty roomy and has the 2 interior compartments to separate your things. The Soho flap also came in a larger duffle version - same styling really, just a bit taller. It has a strap that can be doubled and fits very comfortably on the shoulder. It's also really lightweight. A duffle like that might hold your planner better. These are probably not available in the Outlets but can still be found on Ebay. I also like the shoulder tote and have the leather one in camel. It holds a ton but is easy to handle and light.
  14. dragonfly, i know i have sooooo much black purses gosh i need to broaden my horizons. the only thing i have thats colored is the signature stripe haha