What Should I get with my Coach Credit??

  1. Damn I wish I would have waited making an order yesterday. A woman on Craigslist is selling me her coach Store Credit of 365 for 275 how can I refuse such an offer?? Now I need to figure out what to spend on it... Help! ;)
  2. are you sure it a legit credit? I'm always so leary of buying gift certs on eBay or craigs list
  3. We're emailing back and forth now. She says we can meet at the Copley coach store on a weekday and do it, I'm still making sure it's legit right now, but just in case I need to decide! ;)
  4. I'm jealous!!!

    I want the Ergo scarf print hobo, it's SO Pretty! So is the signature multi stripe tote though.... but as always get what you like! The store is so full of new things, you'll fall in love the minute you walk through the door-- I know I did yesterday!
  5. if its legit...which i hope that it is so you can get a good deal, then just browse the store first. try things on and see what you like best. check out the coach modeling and showcase threads to get some ideas.

    i would get a few things: a hobo and a tote...i love both styles so if you have enough credit go for both and pay the difference. get some accessories also!
  6. Yee I'm thinking of an Ergo hobo! Whats the leather like?? The store I go to doesn't seem to have them on display so I dont' think I could try them on. =( Maybe I'll stock up on fun accessories! ;)

    Anyways from the sound of this girl, she called the store and said I'd need the recipt and they might ask for ID, if that happened I'm guessing I couldn't use it. So I'm thinking we'de meet there and I'd use the credit. IT's probably a hassle for her but if she wants the money I guess she'll do it lol.
  7. lol so we're handling this very strangely. What I did was I gave her my wishlist of various things I wanted and she's going to the Coach Store today or tomarrow to get them for me and then we're going to meet haha! It's kinda fun, like a surprise. ;)
  8. I hope things work out well and you get a fabulous bag for a great price! I don't have an ergo, but know that several ladies here who have one have posted that the leather is divine!
  9. I have the Ergo medium hobo in white and I love it! The leather is beautiful and soft. It's lighter weight and perfect for summer. Let us know what you get!
  10. Candy:

    Good luck with whatever you get. Please do post pictures of whatever you decide on.

  11. Well it's funny, she got me the Ergo medium hobo in camel, the watermelon charm, and the Scribble mini skinny, that took up the entire credit. XD we're gonna meet tomarrow but I think I'm gonna exchange the charm and skinny mini for the legacy umbrella (I'll have to throw in a few bucks myself) because it's sooo cute!
  12. umbrella ooh!
    I love it!
  13. I'm gonna have to take a pic and pose with that one. I'm a sucker for interesting umbrellas. It's gonna be raining all next week so I'll get to whip it out! >=)
  14. You might want to ask the SA when you get there if the credit is legit while the other lady is there with you. If it is get the new Ergo line.