What should I get with LV credit??

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  1. Hi everyone!!

    A couple of weeks ago I took my year old mono Sarah NM wallet to get repaired (I wasn't sure they would take it but thought I would try)....the back pocket and cc slots were curled out and I hardly used this wallet!

    To my surprise, they sent it in for repair and told me it can't be repaired and to choose something else! Yay me!

    Once again, I'm confused on what to get! I have 3 kiddos (7, 5 & 2) and never use my bags to hold their things.

    Here's what I currently own (not pictured are my DE Sarah NM wallet, mono pochette & 2 bandeaus).

    I am looking into the mono Totally MM, Duomo Hobo or Azur Delightful. (I had the first two bags but returned them because I could only keep one and I kept my Totally MM DE but now that I have a choice, it's ON!! LOL)

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  2. I have the same issue with my Sarah. It's just over a year old too. I just assumed they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Maybe I'll take it in...

    I have the duomo, love it. It's been a great bag. I've only had it since the beginning of the month but I find that the handle is super comfortable, it's lightweight and it conforms to your body nicely.

    I also have been thinking about getting the totally MM in mono because I love my totally in DE so much. I've read in a couple of threads that it is going to be discontinued (just the mono), so if you don't want to regret missing out on it then I'd go with that.
  3. Thanks for your input NWGal! You should definitely take in your Sarah, all they can say is "no" but hopefully they will do what my LV boutique did and send it in for repair! I'm so confused, I know the Duomo & Totally are both awesome bags and you are right, I've heard the Totally is going to be discontinued so maybe I'll go that route.
  4. I would go with Delightful in Azur. That would balance out your handbag collection with 3 mono bags, two DE bags, and 2 azur bags.
  5. Thank you Luxe_addiction! That ran through my mind too, I want them ALL!! lol