What should i get? Vernis Heart coin purse or Sophie?


Sophie or Vernis Heart shap coin purse??

  1. Sophie-$420

  2. Vernis Heart Shape Coin Purse-$350?

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  1. Alright, i love both pieces, but only allow myself to get one b/c i went overboard during the X-mas season . Sophie or Vernis :heart: coin purse? Sophie is one season only, and Vernis :heart: is LE also. 866 rep said the new red is like tomatote red, but i forgot to ask her what kind of tomatote....:p . And to help you all judge better, I am 23, still a med student, please check pix for my collection.
    My mind told me Sophie-bigger bang for the bucks, also rep said :heart: will be smaller than cles! and My heart told me Vernis:heart: , you don't see :heart: shape stuff in LV often, and it will hold it's value over time! Oh, and BF is already reserve for a pair of Chanel earring, so he's out of pix:rolleyes: .....or should i find another bf? I am soo indecisive! Oh, forgot to mention 2 more piece-Vernis rec cles and Rose Koala Mono agenda

    ps. how can i add a poll thing? i checked post a poll option, let's hope it shows on the thread?
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  2. well. the sophie is more practical, but the vernis heart shaped coin purse is so cute!!!
    get the vernis..because by the time sohpie comes to the mainland, you may have enough money for it!
  3. More bang for your buck if you get the Sophie...

    $350 for a coin purse? Then again it is Vernis... :s
  4. sophie
  5. Welll, I will be no help bc I want them both too.
    I will probably kick myself later, but I'll pass on the coin purse, even though the equation is true :heart: for me....vernis + LV accessory!!!
    I think I'll get more use out of the sophie!
    Good luck and let us know which you decide upon---they are both too cute!:cutesy:
  6. bvbirdygirl-*gasp*:wtf: you shouldn't plant that seed for me! OMG! lol
    John 5-i know 350 for coin purse!? but like u said it's Vernis plus LE.....

    hum....may be i should revise this poll for poor student only? lol jk, keep the advice comming!
  7. Both! Sophie first then Vernis.
  8. ^ I totally agree!!!
  9. I only can afford one, b/c i need the $ for summer school! I don't like charge cc and let them suck up interest on me......:noggin: cc interest=$ leecher!
  10. when i saw ur collection! i think :heart: vernis will be awesome! since that one LE stuff too:smile: But sophie is bigger en worth if it's about the same price;) SORRY if i'm not answering ur question:wlae:
  11. In that case, get the Sophie. :smile:
  12. Definitely Sophie...I don't really know if the coin purse is worth $350...we'll have to see I guess....
  13. If it were me, I'd get the coin purse but IMO, you should get the Sophie first since you can use it as a clutch.
  14. ITA
  15. Go with the Sophie. I always try to choose the one thing that's more practical :smile: