What should i get? Vernis Heart coin purse or Sophie?

Sophie or Vernis Heart shap coin purse??

  • Sophie-$420

  • Vernis Heart Shape Coin Purse-$350?

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Oct 13, 2006
Alright, i love both pieces, but only allow myself to get one b/c i went overboard during the X-mas season . Sophie or Vernis :heart: coin purse? Sophie is one season only, and Vernis :heart: is LE also. 866 rep said the new red is like tomatote red, but i forgot to ask her what kind of tomatote....:P . And to help you all judge better, I am 23, still a med student, please check pix for my collection.
My mind told me Sophie-bigger bang for the bucks, also rep said :heart: will be smaller than cles! and My heart told me Vernis:heart: , you don't see :heart: shape stuff in LV often, and it will hold it's value over time! Oh, and BF is already reserve for a pair of Chanel earring, so he's out of pix:rolleyes: .....or should i find another bf? I am soo indecisive! Oh, forgot to mention 2 more piece-Vernis rec cles and Rose Koala Mono agenda

ps. how can i add a poll thing? i checked post a poll option, let's hope it shows on the thread?


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Sep 26, 2006
Welll, I will be no help bc I want them both too.
I will probably kick myself later, but I'll pass on the coin purse, even though the equation is true :heart: for me....vernis + LV accessory!!!
I think I'll get more use out of the sophie!
Good luck and let us know which you decide upon---they are both too cute!:cutesy:
Oct 13, 2006
bvbirdygirl-*gasp*:wtf: you shouldn't plant that seed for me! OMG! lol
John 5-i know 350 for coin purse!? but like u said it's Vernis plus LE.....

hum....may be i should revise this poll for poor student only? lol jk, keep the advice comming!