What should I get to tide me over?

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What should I get to tide me over?

  1. Pomme 4 key holder

  2. Framboise Ludlow

  3. Framboise Cles

  4. MC Wapity

  5. Something else?

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  1. Ok, so I'm in between bag purchases. I'm planning on buying an Azur Speedy 30 in the next couple of weeks, but I need a little something now. Just to take the edge off.:graucho: Please help me decide, cause I really want them all!:nuts:

    1) Pomme 4 key holder this would match my pomme koala and cles

    2) Framboise Ludlow could use extra card slots and coin storage since koala has small coin pouch.

    3) Framboise cles I don't need this since I'm using my pomme cles, but I do want it.

    4) MC Wapity this is for my pda/smartphone, which I'm currently using a cute Hello Kitty pouch about the same size. Not sure if I want to give up kitty, but do really want the wapity.

    5) Something else? in the $350 and under range, to go with my damier speedy, pomme wallet and cles, or the azur speedy that I'm buying soon.

    Thanks for your help!:heart:
  2. What about a mini azur pochette? If not get the ludlow! I love teh ludlow, I have one in damier, and I love it!
  3. Pomme key holder :yes:
  4. that pomme key holder is so damn pretty it makes me want to go for a drive.
  5. Any feedback would be great!:smile:
  6. i'd go for the Wapity, because it can be used when you go out at night and don't want to carry a whole bag with you
  7. I'd get the wapity, its practical..
  8. MC Wapity! :love: Have it and LOVE it! :heart:
  9. Wapity!
  10. Framboise Ludlow would be gorgeous!
  11. something in the new ivory Epi... its a perfect match to Damier Azur :yes:
  12. I like the multicolor wapity.
  13. ITA its the new color is the same as the azur interiors...
  14. Pomme 4 key holder :smile:
  15. pomme key holder