What should i get??? &! O DEAR TODAY!

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  1. Okay!
    For my Birthday i'm going to Louis vuitton for a little spree :yahoo:
    But i don't exactly know what to get ,
    I have 2 mono Bags and i didnt know if i should get a different style like Multicolour Or Vernis?
    I'm Planning on Getting a Jack&Lucie or maybe a Vernis Key & Change purse in indigo blue.
    So basically i was wondering:

    1) What new bag i should get?
    Looking for a sort of big bag (Got a Cabbas Mezzo) So i was thinking maybe a Speedy or maybe wait until miroir Lockit(Even though that is a while away but should i wait for that??

    2) Should i get a Jack&Lucie ? i like it but is it worth it? just for a Key chain or should i get something like a small wallet/coin purse.

    This is all for my birthday (:yahoo: ) I have been told i can Get a Bag a Purse and another item! so money doesnt matter :sweatdrop: Lol!

    Okay other thing! TODAY
    I went on a little shopping trip but we were looking around small towns and i saw so many awfull fakes it was horrific! But then when i though i had faced the worst i walked past a small shop and something caught my eye and i looked a AWFUL , UGLY FAKE Louis vuitton Belt and at what price you ask? £10 ! BARGIN! LOL. And a Graffiti Lv i Litterally Screamed FAKE!I didnt mean to!! I was in a sorta busy street and i got a few Funny looks:push: But i was shocked! it was a shop.Selling fakes.They had some FAKE burberry. Anyway. Rant over Lol :sweatdrop:
  2. White MC Speedy?!

    As for the small item, I personally would not spend that much on a keychain but that is only because I don't really have preferences for keychains. I would rather get a wallet.
  3. I would go for an Azur Speedy and a Lexington.......IMO, I think the Jackie & Lucie keychain is cute, but its too much, IMO
  4. Yea the Keychains Nice I would really like to get it eventually but i Love the vernis indigo blue :love:
  5. I agree about Jack and Lucie. I'd get two bags versus that if money were no object! lol. If I were going to spend that much, I'd get the pastilles bracelet so at least you can use it for keys, as a bag charm, a shoulder strap extender for the pochette accessories AND a bracelet. It is a lot more useful.
  6. As a bag I'd get either the Azur Speedy 30 or the Multicolore Speedy. The MC is heavier though and has lots of gold hardware (ie.shiny!!); the Azur is more subtle and lighter in weight. Good luck with your choice and Happy Birthday! :yahoo:
  7. MC Petit Noe has been on my mind lately, but that may be too small maybe?

    I looked through the entire Visual Aid's thread and really like the MC Speedy in black, the batignolles veritcal, and the Hudson GM. Those are all pretty roomy bags.

    As far as J & L key chain--- how about a bracelet instead?
  8. I'd get the Jack and Lucie... as for a bag, maybe an Azur Speedy 30 or Black MC Noe?
  9. Oh yeh! i acctually forgot about the Pastilles bracelet:wtf: ! Lol its amazing .I cant wait to look at the Vernis bags they look shiny :drool: Thanks i cant wait for my birthday !:wlae:
  10. Lol the more shiny the better i say :p Thank you! i Love the Azur speedy! so many options , I can see myself spending most of the day there already :sweatdrop: Thank you i will post pics when i get 'em! :wlae:
  11. i'll go for the speedy instead of the miroir first.
    theres a waiting list.
  12. speedy nomade... better quality then some bags by Hermès!
  13. Can't wait to see pics of your new purchases!
  14. so what did you end up getting?

    and happy birthday btw