What should I get next?

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  1. Hello lovely ladies!
    I really need help with which Bbag I should be thinking of getting next. As far as models are concerned, I don't think I am small enough to wear the First/Classique.
    This is my collection so far:

    -Vert Gazon Part Time
    -Black GGH Flat clutch
    -Black 09 City RH
    -Raisin 09 Work
    -Vert Thyme GSH Work
    -Tomato GSH Day (on its way!)
    -06 Black Weekender

    I am thinking perhaps another city, but what colour? I never wear brown, so I dont think I would get any use out of a brown city and I am scared of getting a light blue as it could get dirty so quickly.
  2. Galet or anthra? Noix (kinda brownish-but not Brown brown)
    Bright Blue? Praline?
    So many bags...so little time..haha Good luck..By the way..do you own those shoes???
  3. How about Anthra? It's dark enough that it won't get as dirty as Galet/Greige might.
  4. Galet or Tempete? I think more of a Tempete for you. It's dark blue with a gray undertone. Should be perfect for you?
  5. I'm thinking Galet... it's actually quite dark and I don't think it'll get dirty that easily.
  6. Thank you ladies...I shall be on the search for Galet then :smile:
  7. Another vote for galet.
  8. From what i see you have green,black,purple,red...

    I suggest Pourpre - Something Pinkish-red would be nice.
    Or grey, Galet is not as high maintenance!
    Both colors are pretty different to give your collection a variation :biggrin:
  9. What about an envelope clutch?:smile: