what should i get next??

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  1. hey guys! I love the roses collection and was hopeing i could wait a bit longer to get the speedy and now they are off the shelves =( I wanted to get the mono insolite wallet this month and save up for the melrose, but now im thinking i should get the roses now.... im torn because i dont have a lv wallet yet but i already have a speedy 30 (azur) and a neverfull mm (damier). What do you guys think i should do? Should i get the wallet and pass on the roses and hope to get one later? And if i did get the roses should i get the neverfull or the speedy?? I love the pink lining on the neverfull, i just hate how the straps are so thin! (i would suffer through it anyways though ;) Or should i try to get the grafitti nf gm in green??
  2. find the roses speedy- it's an awesome choice
  3. get the roses now
  4. i think you should go roses speedy hunting!!
  5. roses speedy.
  6. roses speedy for sure! you can always save up for a wallet later :]
  7. Roses Speedy!!
  8. Get the Roses Speedy now! its a beautiful bag
  9. Roses Speedy!
  10. Thank you guys for the input! haha you are enableing me to spend much more this month then i was hopeing! im going to keep thinking about it, i have to wait about a week before i can go get one.. i know if i dont get it now i will be kicking myself later!
  11. I vote for the Roses Speedy or the Roses NF :smile:
  12. Get the roses!! :smile:
  13. Roses speedy:biggrin:
  14. Get the Roses Speedy first, and the wallet later.
  15. Get the Roses speedy! You will love it!