What should i get next?

  1. Hello ladies,

    My addiction to all things LV started last year when i bought my first LV (damier speedy). I have been hooked since then and bought a french purse to go along with my speedy. 2 weeks ago, I bought my third LV (BH) and i am in love with it!! It is such a multi-functional bag at the same time so stylish!!

    Not that i have any money to spare right now for a new bag but i was wondering (in case my parents offer to fund it.. :graucho:) which piece should i get next? I'm only starting out my collection, but all my LV pieces so far definitely did not disappoint.

    Here is an attached picture of my minuscule collection. Hope you ladies can help me out on my next purchase!
    tmpphpaBq4fP.jpg tmpphpmfeEsM.jpg
  2. go for somthing like a papillion, its nice and small so you could use it on a night out??
  3. Nice collection. I like the Manhattan GM.
  4. Get something in epi or vernis to add some color.
  5. I would say the amarante bedford or roxbury! It's a gorgeous vernis piece.
  6. you should try vernis! add some color to your already beautiful collection!
  7. red epi speedy, jasmin or alma...
  8. Epi is nice. Maybe Epi Alma in Red???
  9. A little color - Multicolore pouchette, shirley or a trouville or something in vernis like the roxbury would be pretty to add to you collection.
  10. I guess i do need a bag that's more appropriate for a night out, or something dressier.

    I love the vernis roxbury! But kind of expensive for me right now. Are there any vernis pieces like the pochette?

    The epi line is gorgeous but i don't think it's for me.. :p
  11. The Vernis Summit Drive ----I ADORE mine. Or the Roxbury or Rosewood in Pomme or Amarante.
    Hope this helps!:smile: