What Should I Get Next?

  1. Ok, so everytime I get one bag, I am ready for the next...
    So now I am thinking of a black patent bowler.....For some reason, I can't do classics...Any suggestions? I still have a Luxury by Chanel Patent tote on hold, but with the Brooklyn Bags arrival, I think I am all big bagged out. Anyone any ideas?
  2. I really like the M/C tote!
  3. I'd go for something on your wishlist! ESPECIALLY the GST with S/H-with the price increase coming soon it's going to be somewhere around $2100+. I just got this bag about a month ago and I haven't put it down-its the perfect size (IMHO) and just GORGEOUS!!! Good luck and make sure to post pics when you do get something!!!
  4. Yes, GSTs are great!!!:woohoo:
  5. expandable tote in red...one i want!
  6. Yup ... if you didn't get that GST yet then that's probably the best next bag to get.
  7. Oh yeah! +1 for the GST and the expandable (although the stitching may be questionable according to some reviews).
  8. I would hit up your wish list items :p... the GST is a great idea, given the impending price increase, or the black caviar Jumbo, which will be hit with the increase too! :nogood: Ohhh, the MC tote suggestion is a great one as well, I'm really loving my black N/S tote... though I guess it depends on the type of bag you want (GST v. Jumbo v. MC - each can serve a different purpose)! :smile: The red expandable tote is really pretty too, but that's a "big bag" haha. :p Good luck deciding!
  9. At the moment, I am totally in love with my expandable tote so it gets my vote.
  10. If I were you, I would get either the Black GST or the Black Jumbo now, since after the price increase each of these bags will be approx. $300 more. Definitely tackle one of your wish list items now.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  11. Yup, I'm with everyone, go for the jumbo or gst SOON!
  12. another vote for the jumbo!
  13. expandable tote-esp the red!
  14. jumbo before it gets closer to 2500!
  15. expandable tote, MC n/w, bubble quilt bags :smile: i saw the navy patent bowler. I love that too