What should I get next?

  1. OK, I am going on a serious ban until November, but I can make one more purchase in the $700 or so price range. I "need" a new large wallet (prob. a Zippy) I have an old PTI but getting worn looking on the inside. I use my ludlow mostly now but it's kinda small. I also could use a shoulder bag - maybe the BH. Of course then I would want the larger wallet, ugh! I also have been thinking about a black epi LV since I only have Damier and mono, but not sure if I should wait til November on that. Below is the list of what I own to help decide -

    Mono Speedy 25
    Damier Azur Speedy 25
    Damier Alma
    Mono Petite Noe (it's 16 years old)
    Mono Trotteur

    Old mono PTI wallet
    mono Ludlow wallet
    Damier cles
    Mono cles
    Pomme vernis 4 key holder
    mono cosmetique
    mono poche toilette 15
  2. Just remembered that another option would be the Cabas Piano or the Popincourt H. A little over my price range, but a possibility.
  3. Get a wallet. I love my black MC zippy!!
  4. i personally love the pochette wallet. its my favorite and so convenient :smile:
  5. another vote for black MC zippy here
  6. get a shoulder bag, BH, cabas or neverfull.
  7. I would get a new wallet! You could get one in another line just to mix it up.
  8. If you buy the Bh you could put your ludlow in the zip pocket and it would be secure. I say Bh because you only have 1 shoulder bag. The zippy wallet does not fit in the zip pocket of my Bh. Just an idea good luck.
  9. Here's a question.....I have a LOT of Coach shoulder bags and totes that are brand new but I rarely use. I know I need to figure out how to sell some of them, but in the meantime, if I were to use them, would the LV Zippy wallet look silly with it. I usually use a Coach wallet with a Coach bag, LV with LV bag, etc.
  10. ^^I don't think it would be weird at all.
    I'd also go with the black MC Zippy.
  11. No, I think that you could definitely mix and match Coach and LV ... I do it all the time. And I would go with either black MC zippy or pomme vernis zippy (love this color).
  12. I'm in the minority but I think you should go for a bag. BH or Neverfull MM.
  13. I would go with either the black mc zippy or pomme zippy.
  14. It sounds like you really want a new wallet so I would go with that!
  15. sunset blvd! you can use it as a wallet or clutch