What should I get next...if I get lucky??


which bag would you vote for?

  1. Black box kelly

  2. Orange Birkin

  3. Bright Blue Birkin

  4. other?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I had great luck in Paris this fall. I've just learned that I'm fortunate enough to go back in February...and I'm wondering what I should ask for at FSH. I know I want a black box kelly...probably a 28 or 32, gold hw, sellier/rigide. But I don't think I'll be able to ge that bag this trip (rumors of box shortage, etc). Also, I carry a birkin everyday, and would not take the kelly to work, more for dinners out/cocktail parties. And, as a working mother of a 3 year old...I don't go to many cocktail parties/fancy dinners. I know my kelly would be a forever bag, and someday I hope to again have more elegant evenings out. But, I wonder if I wouldn't get more use and enjoyment out of another birkin. I currently have 2, gold with GHW, black with PHW, in 35 size (one togo and one clemence). I'd LOVE to get an orange one, but true orange, which seems very hard to find. Potiron is more of a brownish orange, isn't it? I'm also interested in a bright blue one, though not blue jean in a grainy leather...wouldn't be right for me. maybe a sapphire blue? do they make a royal blue? What do you think? and would I be better off getting maybe a 30 this time, to use for weekends? or should I stick with 35?
    I know all of this may be a pipe dream, but I want to be prepared in case I do get lucky again!
  2. also, do you think I'll have better luck if I'm carrying one of my birkins when I go to the store? or not? I'm inclined to leave them at home (partially because this trip is for work, and for political reasons, better not to be seen carrying birkin at this client), and partially because it's easier to have a bag with a shoulder strap for touring museums and carrying a weary toddler...but if carrying a birkin will help my luck, I can do it!!!
  3. I like the idea of some color for you with this next bag.....maybe you could see what they have that speaks to your heart when you're there?
  4. ...and would you consider a lovely vintage black Box Kelly when the time comes?
  5. I would consider a vintage kelly...and find the idea quite appealing, in fact. I just worry about authenticity issues with vintage. Also, my mother in law has a black box kelly (that she never carries), DH is often telling me she should give it to me, but I've forbidden him from bringing it up with her. Nothing could make you hate your daughter in law faster than her clamoring for your possessions, no?
  6. I voted for box kelly 28 since u have 2 birkins. its a versatile size that goes from day to evening
  7. I think you should wait and see what is available at the store when you go. Also remember the other H store at/by? Hotel George V. Some have posted that they had better luck finding their dream bags there. Good Luck!!!!
  8. well, that is a good point. We'll be staying at George V, so I can check there, too! I guess I can play it by ear. The last time I got lucky, though, I had to be quite specific about what I wanted...size, color, etc., before she would check the computer
  9. ah, I voted and now there's a three way tie. ;)
  10. I tend to agree with the idea of "see what's there and makes your heart sing". But of those choices I vote Kelly because you have two Birkins already and every H fan needs a black box Kelly eventually!

    Is the blue you are talking about Blue Brighton? It's almost like a royal blue color? I'd describe it as about halfway in between Blue Jean and navy, but on the light side of that spectrum.
  11. I tend to plan my trips to FSH with all the fervor of a full military operation, so, what I would do is make a list of ALL the possible bags you would consider, and put them in order. See how things evolve while you are there, and what the options are...and if you are prepared, it will make the decision process a heck of a lot easier.
    I think bleu Brighton would be a great color if you are looking for a versatile blue.
    Since you already have 2 Birkins, in the most useful neutrals, I would suggest a Kelly (maybe retourne instead of sellier if you don't go to many fancy events) or a Bolide.
  12. I love orange b/c it can double as a diaper bag, as well as look chic.
    I think the you said you cant use a kelly at work, so I vote for something functional. And summer is rolling around somewhere on this globe... and orange is such a gorgeous color.
  13. Wow! Good luck! I think all of your options sound great!
  14. Is the blue you are talking about Blue Brighton? It's almost like a royal blue color? I'd describe it as about halfway in between Blue Jean and navy, but on the light side of that spectrum.[/quote]
    Yes, I think the blue I want is either Blue Brighton or Thalassa Blue, yes like a royal blue and so very beautiful!
  15. either way you can't go wrong. i love blue brighton or thalassa birkins...but i have to admit that i love black box kellies more!

    maybe get the birkin since they are harder to get?