What should I get next? going to Paris...need advice

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  1. I'm going to Paris in February, and think I'd like to get another bag, but I'm not sure what to get. My current inventory is: 35 black togo with PH, 35 Gold Clemence with GH, 30 Orange Swift with PH (all birkins) and a 28 Kelly black box with GH. I'm thinking I might want a Black box birkin in 30 with GH, or maybe a neutral color in a 30. or a 32 HAC? I don't think I need any more 35s, I use them to and from work all week, and have a summer (gold) and winter (black)one, and I find them a bit too big for me walking around on weekends. Sometimes I wonder if my orange one was a mistake--as its so bright and does not go with everything, so I wouldn't want another really eye catching color.
    Please post your suggestions. (I know I may not be able to get what I want in Paris, but so far I'm 2 for 2 in placing orders at FSH, so I'm optimistic, and I think the bags will still be less expensive there than here in NYC).
  2. You have such gorgeous, neutral colors! (well, with the exception of orange, but then again, that is Hermes orange!). Are you willing to venture out into more colors? Baby steps would be something like: etoupe, graphite, raisin, rouge h, indigo... a 30 would round out your collection nicely, or maybe even a 28 hac. good luck on your search!
  3. I think indigo or rouge H could be great. Nice though etoupe and raisin are, they are not quite me.
  4. I would get a fun colored Kelly! maybe a 32 or 35cm...something really fun and pretty!
  5. i say rouge h- so classic and neutral! if that doesn't appeal to you, how about a wonderful blue?
  6. I second the vote for rouge H---a deep red is an essential color for every wardrobe, IMO.
  7. Rouge H would be nice - how about a larger kelly, say a 32cm or 35 cm in a slouchier more casual leather like clemence with PH, retourne style. Not sure if rouge H has contrast stitching but this would also be a change from your existing more formal kelly. I was going to suggest etoupe too, but saw your reply, so rouge H is my second choice. Love indigo to.
  8. What about Rouge H, Curry, Vert Olive, All clemence!! Looking at your post, you have some really lovely birkins already!! Lovely collection!
  9. A Bleujean? Colorful and neutral at the same time?

    Graphite is a great alternative to black.

    You already have a great Birkin collection. What about a Constance or Lindy?

    Enjoy Paris!
  10. How about YUMMY Cafe... :cloud9: Indigo would be DIVINE too :love: unless you'll think it's too close to black when you see it IRL... Rouge H sounds like a nice addition to your collection :heart: Sorry, not much help LOL but already looking forward to your news in February!
  11. Ooh what about Brighton Blue. Thats lovely also.
  12. How about Parchemin - that's a beautiful soft neutral :love:
  13. Rouge H would round out your collection nicely!
  14. I have similar neutrals plus bright (black, gold, orange), and I found that adding to this mix, a couple of colors were really useful: chocolate, and raisin.
    Also don't know if you have considered clutches. But if you want to continue the neutral theme, you could add a clutch (Paris seems to have lots of choices) in black, grey or parchemin. (Needless to say, those are the colors of my clutches).
  15. an exotic kelly pochette-lezard or croc would be a nice addition, or a jige. ITA with Tamarind, paris seems to have a nice array of KPs, not quite found elsewhere.

    also a HAC, if you're so inclined. have fun!