What should I get my mum?

  1. All...

    I'll be home for Thanksgiving. I wanna get my mum a Speedy 35. Is it too tacky for a middle-aged woman?


  2. It's not tacky at all, it's a classic piece. But it might be too big for her, what about a 30 instead? How tall is she?
  3. Not tacky at all! Lucky mom, too! I might say go with a 30, depending on her size.
  4. shes 5'4...

    I was thinking, a Daimer Canvas for mum and Monogram Canvas for sis...
  5. I'm 5"4, and I have a Speedy 25. I actually thought the 30 was too big for me. I think your so nice to buy something for your mom and sister!
    Does your mom or sister have LV purses now?
  6. Great choice ! I don't think it's tacky at all. It all depends if she carries a lot in her handbag. I prefer the Speedy 30.
  7. My mum wont let Dooney and Bourke go - she has quite a few (with the exception of an LV she's had for about 15 yrs). My sister is a "Gucci" girl.
  8. I wouldn't go 35 - too big and will sag too much. I like the 30. What a great son!
  9. If she's 5'4" maybe the 35 is too big, speedy 30 will do just fine :smile:
  10. I think she will be thrilled with such a classic bag!
    And it will mean so much coming from you. :heart:
  11. the speedy 30 is a great idea! and she is most definantely not too old for it, since I see that everyone can pull it off..since its a classic! (well not everyone.. those who obviously have classier taste etc. lol) But, I probably wouldnt go for the 35, as it is rather large.. practically like an overnight bag.. and if this is something you want her to carry everyday, then I recommend getting the 30.. especially if she is 5'4.. sorry for the rambling! goodluck!