What should I get my mum!?

  1. All...

    Im going home for Thanksgiving and I want to buy my mum a new handbag. I was thinking about the Speedy 35... Any other suggestions?

  2. that sounds like a good one! a speedy is always a safe bet...does she like hand-held bags or shoulder bags better?
  3. Speedy is a very good choice. I just ordered a Suhali Locket PM for my mother for Christmas. She isn't into anything with a very visable logo and the size is good, she's going to faint! I am sure your mum will love whatever you decide on ;)
  4. Speedy 30 might be nice. I think the 35 is awfully huge. I love my Speedy 30! (I'm a mom)
  5. I am not a fan of monogram canvas. I prefer leather. How about this? Light weight, elegant, classy, timeless, can be worn on shoulder to free up hands for shopping, roomy interior to hold many things. Best of all, I think it appeals to young and especially more mature ladies.
  6. I vote for a speedy 25 in epi leather.