What should I get in Paris? Based on what I have

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I've had such fun on this forum and I really feel at home. This is one of the best message boards I've been to, and I've been to my fair share of nasty ones - I'm happy to have found this place. I don't have a drool-worthy collection like some of you but I just want to have quality pieces with versatile utility.

    I'm hoping to receive advice on which H bags to get - colors, styles, leathers, etc. I'm a minimalist at heart, afraid of too much attention. Sometimes I throw in a dash of color. I'm semi-casual/formal. I like comfortable accessories: roomy, elegant, and discreet. I'm 159cm, 5'2 or so, 27 y.o. I'm an urban nomad and love large bags.

    I will be a first-time owner of an H bag. I might get a Birkin or two or a Birkin or a Kelly or SO or whatever is in Faubourg and George V.

    I've eliminated many "IT" (Chanels, Pradas, Guccis, LVs, ARGH!!:cursing:) bags and I'm trying to buy more lasting pieces. I'm posting the handbags I've kept (reasons of utility and sentimental value), so you can see what I already have and recommend what H bags would suit me. :yes:

    I'm going to Paris in a few weeks and would like to get some informed opinions from H lovers.

    I love reading all your opinions, and it's a privilege to be in the company of you all.

    Here are pics of what the handbag collection I've downsized to (sorry, if they aren't too focused):

    Valextra, Ferragamo (would love to get rid of it), Valentino, Chanel, LV, YSL, Fendi, Loewe. I also have a large Bottega Veneta Ebano hobo, but no live pic because it's being repaired.



  2. Some more: [​IMG]

  3. a nice 35 Birkin sounds like a good place to start.....:yes:
  4. A birkin 35 in black or gold? :smile:
  5. Any recommendations on leather?
  6. Do you like blues? Most of your bags are black, red or white/cream/light so you might appreciate something slightly different? H blues seem very popular among ladies here.

    Or you can go form something timeless like gold. A neutral like etoupe or black. Another red?

    As for leather - would you like a stiff or a floopier leather? Something hard wearing and low maintenance or do you not mind something that requires extra care? Does it matter how heavy it is or how it tolerates rain? Togo and clemence seem to be very popular as first purchases.

    Personally, I think that these bags are so expensive that you need to go with your gut and buy something that makes your heart skip. You can plan for a bag in a leather that's just perfect and a neutral shade that goes with everything in your wardrobe but sometimes you just see a bag that makes you smile more than any versatille and logically suitable bag would and you just have to have it. I think it depend on what sort of shopper you are, really.
  7. I love the miel croc although I don't know if it's for daily use...

    I was thinking of Box. I like soft leathers but I also want something with a well-defined shape.

    I have definitely been thinking of the gold and BJ... but alas I often see those on the streets.

    Any comments on how you all feel about your H bags? How they feel, how easy for access, etc.
  8. The Kelly isn't the easiest to access-- I like the other ladies' idea of a 35 Birkin, maybe in Gold with gold HW, since you have a lot of black, and Clemence leather, since it's beautiful and hardy. I know Box requires a degree of babying :yes:
  9. Gold birkin is good. In togo or clemence. With gold or palladium. Or a dark brown birkin in a hard leather. Or graphite?
  10. I will digress here a little bit. While I know that the vast majority of us here are absolutely Birkin fiends, myself included, there are also lots of other amazing Hermes styles and they're more under the radar than a Birkin ever could be. Your style seems very clean and simple, and the first idea that jumped out at me was a Plume Elan as a first H bag. It's a practical shape and it does come in several sizes. Another idea would be a Victoria Fourre Tout, which is a great price point (as far as Hermes is concerned) and can serve just as well in the capacity of a small airplane carryon as it can an everyday bag.
    Of course, then there's always the Birkin, and ya can't really go wrong with that, as long as a shoulder strap isn't a necessity for you (and it seems like it's not). I would recommend a neutral as your first one, but maybe a non-black neutral like graphite, etoupe, one of the browns, etc? I do know that gold is increasingly hard to find lately, so you might not get lucky enough to find it, but it would also fit nicely into your collection. Whatever you decide, I think you will find that it's true what they say: once you go H you never go back.

    Nice Valextra, by the way ;)
  11. Thank you all! :yes:

    I will certainly consider the Plume and Bolide but that will depend on the colors available there.

    I am thinking of getting a croc piece. The miel and green (forget its name) crocs are divine.

    Are they good for daily use?
  12. the dark green is vert fonce the lighter one vert anis and then you have vert olive
    but jfyi croc is hard to come by even in paris. but yes croc can be used everyday if you take care of it
  13. So I heard. :push:
  14. I agree that you'll be hardpressed to find a croc Birkin or Kelly on the shelves in Faubourg or any other stores in Paris.

    You look like you prefer classic colors and design. You may like black, gold, etoupe, cafe, ebene or chocolate. Personally, I'm a big fan of box or chevre for a Birkin due to the fact that both leather are lightweight and durable. Box will last a lifetime and develops a wonderful patina with use. Togo and taurillon clemence are fantastic for everyday use. They're both highly scratch resistant and I don't worry if I'm caught in a drizzle.

    I'm your height and find that a size 30cm Birkin fits my petite frame best. As for a Kelly, I can't any larger than 28cm. However, it's different for each individual of course.
  15. I've seen some pics of the Black Box - divine, my preferred choice. I think Gwenyth in _A Perfect Murder_ had a Box Birkin - she carried it so well... I've been wanting it since although at the time I didn't know the specs or that it was even a Birkin.

    But is it also hard to get Box in Paris?

    As for the crocs... I'll see whether the H Gods deem my fate worthy of getting one in anything. If not, oh well. :smile: