What should I get for this particular need?

  1. I really need something when I'm taking my dog out, Have the leash handle in one hand, a key, and ipod.. no phone because I don't have enough hands! LOL. I need something small enough that won't look odd if I'm jogging around, and somehow can attach to my leash or be hand held? I'll be getting a nano soon enough and I have a samsung razr like phone. TIA:flowers:
  2. Get a mini skinny! If you wear pants with pockets- you can put your key on the ring and when you're not using your ipod- it fits perfectly in it.
  3. Seems like perfect time for a wristlet...you can clip it to the leash or your jeans, or around your wrist. And the little bit bigger ones would totally hold keys, nano, and a cell.
  4. I would say either a wristlet or mini skinny!
  5. I was thinking either a small wristlet or a skinny, but I don't know how to pick! I don't bring anything else with me becuase i have one of those bags on board things lol, so basically something my key can clip to and can carry phone and/or ipod.
  6. ^^And I don't have pockets usually, if I have it in my jacket, they are usually wide so it would fall out. Also which mini skinny or which wristlet would you get?
  7. I'd probably just go with one of the totally plain leather ones that the outlets carry....I personally wouldn't want something too pretty or expensive that I'm carrying when I'm cleaning up after my doggy!
  8. Can you get to a store and test out how much of what you'd like to carry fits in either the wristlet or mini skinny? I know sometimes I need to see it in person.
  9. ^^Very true! Problem is sometimes I run into town with it, or stop by work to get something, but I would be able to baby it anyway, whatever it is would probably swing back and forth, so the metal part would be mostly beat up right? I have an all leather beige skinny, first coach EVER. so if I see any wear I can switch.
  10. Or maybe I can get a jogging jacket for autumn, any excuse for more clothes!
  11. Suede would definetly be out of the question right, so maybe I should go with the patent?
  12. definately patent over suede.
  13. personally i would get the wristlet

    for the patent leather it's only ten dollars more, but it is a lot bigger. that loop is helpful to as you can loop it through your hand, belt loop if you have one...your bag when you're not using it when you walk your dog...

    the miniskinny is too small for anything but the current ipod shuffle.
  14. ms-whitney I think you're right, but I stupidly placed the order for it. So I guess I'll take it back and make an exchange. But I found a westie fob there!! I was so excited, and the two SAs and I got into this long winded conversation about dogs. The usual b!tchy ones weren't there at Riverside, so now I realize I should head over there on Fridays and give my business to the Fridayers. I'll post pictures later! I think I'm going to go with one of the smaller scaled wristlets, since I already have a big one, and it'll just be the right size for me. Thanks all!! Now I just need to decide which wristlet!