What should I get for my coworkers, just in my dept?

  1. I'm a teacher, I wanted to get something small for others in my science dept....$20 MAX.....

    any ideas?

    Thanks!!!!!!! :ty:
  2. Here are a few ideas of what you could get:

    - wine
    - books
    - monogrammed boat tote (like from LL Bean)
    - cuddly wraps/throws
    - donation in their name to a charity
    - calendars

    They may not be the most exciting gifts, but you can personalize it to each one (as opposed to just buying gift cards or something, which are easy and appreciated but not personal)
  3. Starbucks gift cards. Everyone loves them.

    I don't like coffee but I like their chai tea.

    $15 each should be enough for several coffees without breaking your bank.

    What I like about Starbucks cards is that you don't have to store an item. Since I am moving in a few months, I really don't want more stuff to pack and move. I always give elderly people (who have way too much stuff) something they will use up like food or bath products.

    My friend's aunt Gertie said this last Xmas:
    "The next person who gives me a chotchkie had better give me lifetime dusting to go with it!"
  4. ^^ I agree about gift cards to Starbucks/Coffee Bean. Plus, try to get them at Costco... you can get them at a decent discount!
  5. Starbucks gift cards for sure!
    Borders gift card
    Nice set of candles
    soaps/lotions from Crabtree & Evelyn or B&B Works
  6. I think buying presents for colleagues is more popular in the US.
    In the UK if you do its seen as OT.
    The most anyone ever does is buy a box of chocolates or biscuits for the everyone to share.
  7. What is OT?
  8. thanks guys....starbucks gift cards it is....and some dunkin donuts gifts cards too because some of them live in the boonies :smile:
  9. Over the Top

    meaning excessive