What should I get for my 2nd bag?

  1. My hubby told me that he'd get me an LV for our 5 year anniversary in July. (nice, huh?) Anyways, I already have the batignolles vertical, and I think I'd like a handheld one, any opinions of what I should get????
  2. Papillon!!!!!!!!!:love:
  3. Would you like something of a similar size ?

    Maybe a speedy, they are pretty much a wardrobe staple !
  4. epi Speedy or epi Jasmin
  5. I like the Alma or the regular Popincourt! Especially the Popincourt -- that bag is just adorable. :love:
  6. I like the Alma as well. It is very classy.
  7. I vote for Alma or Speedy 30.
  8. I have the Manhattan PM and I LOVE it!! I am also really liking the Alma, and the Ellipse as hand-helds. Good luck!!!
  9. Damier Alma!
  10. Manhattan PM

    the order i for my bags:

    speedy 25
    speedy 30
    vavin gm
  11. Does anyone have any advice re: 1st LV for my birthday from my hubby. I have been obscessing for years and now I cant decide between Alma Epi Leather in black or Daimer Canvas also an Alma
  12. Well since the Speedy is inevitable..;)
  13. Alma
  14. What about either a Popincourt or Alma?
  15. Or the damier saleya?