What should I get for less than $250??

  1. I've been stalking my LV boutique for the past couple of weeks, waiting until the azur pochettes come in. I've also been lusting over the Damier Speedy 25, but I may wait until late summer/ early fall to get it (I just got the Batignolles, and I don't want to make another bag purchase just yet). I'd like a little accessory to tide me over until I get my other goodies. Here are my options:

    Damier mini pochette

    Vernis mini agenda in pomme

    Monogram multicles rabat

    Perle cles (to go with the azur pochette if I ever get it!)
  2. I would go for the pearle cles or an azur one if they have it!
  3. I would get a Vernis Mini Agenda in Pomme. ;)
  4. Ooh perle cles!
  5. ^Perle cles!
  6. i am ALL about a damier azur mini pochette for summer and I LOVE the rabbat! such a fantastic item!
    otherwise, they have a killer c/c holder for $125 that i am in love with right now!
  7. Vernis mini agenda in pomme!
  8. Vernis mini agenda in pomme...
  9. 4th the small agenda. i love the speedy damier in 25. adorable.
  10. Mini Agenda in Pomme!!! But it's really small, otherwise get the Perle cles!!!
  11. I vote damier mini pochette.
  12. The rabat because I want to be different!:idea:
  13. Mini agenda - That Pomme color so beautiful and agenda has many uses
  14. mini pochette
  15. another vote for the perle cles. i just purchased one for myself this week, can't wait till it comes. :biggrin: