what should i get for bday?

  1. so i have about $300 cdn to get a bday gift w. (hopefully driving to the good ol US of A, where this $ will go further!) what shoudl i get???

    i looked at the small bleeker hobo and the small ego, both in black sig. thanks
  2. Between the two, I'd go for the bleecker hobo! I love the bleeckers! They have really grown on me. And black siggie is so pretty but more discreet for signature! If you really want an ergo, I personally prefer that style in leather. IMHO, they seem to hang nicer in leather. Happy Birthday! Let us know what you get!
  3. Ever been to Roots? They have nice good quality leather handbags. Highest price is $300 CDN.
  4. when is ur birthday?

  5. i like roots, but it just doesnt seem to have the umpf factor of coach, kwim?
  6. I have a Bleeker Large Duffle in Bottle Green and have been carrying it for a week now.
    I have to say that I really love this bag. I am so glad that Coach brought back this style so I would have to say to you get the Bleeker Duffle in signature as that is my preference. I own Ergos as well. If you decide to go with the Ergo I think that the Plum color is the hottest color for this season. Good luck deciding!
  7. Then go to the niagara falls fashion outlets that are right across the border. I went there once, they had some good deals on Coach.