What should I get first--a vernis agenda or vernis wallet?


Which to get first?

  1. Vernis French purse

  2. Vernis agenda

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  1. I'm still in the process of putting together a PSN purchase for early September...so far I'm going to purchase the PH and the Damier Alma that night. I'm aiming for a $200 gift card to go towards my Nimbus PM when it comes, which requires a $2250 purchase. Right now, the total between the PH and Damier Alma comes to $1895 CAD, so I'm about $355 short.

    I was going to buy the amarante French purse wallet at first, which costs $730 CAD but now I don't know if I need three LV wallets at one time when I only use a wallet 2/7 days a week when I'm back to school (I don't bring a purse to school).

    Then I was thinking maybe I should get a vernis agenda and refills, the vernis agenda being $330 and I'm sure the refills cost more than $25 so I can just hit the $2250 limit. This item, however, was not on my wishlist...and if I get the agenda I will also have to get a pen that fits inside the slot (can anyone here recommend some pens that are not too expensive?) I would probably use my agenda to record home work, exams, registration related things, etc for school and my work schedule as well.

    So, what do you think I should do? Get the French purse or the agenda?

    How much are the small agenda day refills and what's the difference between the regular day refills and the complete day refills?

    Can someone recommend some agenda pens?

  2. i would get the agenda, I have the pomme one and love it. Check out the agenda club, some girls have posted about the fisher pen that fits. You have alotof wallets and a vernis agenda is gorgeous and uou could use it for a wallet too if you wanted.
  3. I'd get the agenda...if you wait long enough you can get the rest of the year's refills for free (I think at the time of the PSN, it'll be late enough), but normally they're about $70 USD.
  4. Karman, I voted for the wallet simply because you've wanted it for so long and I feel that it's better to stick with items you've wanted for a while as opposed to trying to find something and justifying buying it. Just my thoughts, hope that helps!
  5. I like the agenda but I picked French purse because the vernis agendas are pretty tiny - I'm not sure if they would meet all your needs for school in terms of recording assignments and appts, etc. I really want one but I don't know if I would have much use for one other than for writing out my LV wishlist!
  6. Go for the Agenda.
  7. the Agenda
  8. agenda
  9. I'd go with the Agenda. I think I paid 62$ CND for my 2007 refill (which came with a lot of stuff!).
  10. agenda gets my vote
    I use tiffany blue purse pen w/my mono agenda
  11. agenda. cant you put cc's in the agenda too? plus its more useful IMHO.
  12. another vote for the agenda but I don't know if the vernis one (pm size) will match your needs.
  13. i vote for the agenda, you'd definitely get some use out of it.
  14. french purse gets my vote.
  15. It's been 50/50 for awhile now...:weird: