What should I get before the Price Increase?


Which should I get before the Price Increase?

  1. Amarante Koala Wallet?

  2. Soupcon PM Sunnies in Glitter Honey

  3. Something else (please suggest)

  4. Nothing don't give in to the capitalism!

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  1. I had planned to be on a BAN for awhile, esp. with baby boy soon to be here, however, with the price increased scheduled to be in effect I am thinking about getting one of the things I want NOW. The choices are: Soupcon PM Sunnies in Glitter Honey or Koala Wallet in Amarante. Here are my thoughts:

    Sunnies: PROS: Don't have any yet, live in Hawaii where there's a lot of sun, tried em on, looks hot! CONS: Have never had expensive sunnies, have lost or broke all the cheap ones.

    Amarante Koala Wallet: PROS: Obsessed with its beauty, not worried about fingerprints, has a lot of spaces for CCs (my French Purse only has 8), will look rocking with my Amarante Rosewood, have always wanted a Koala Wallet. CONS: Have a French Purse in Pomme and a Pochette in Monogram, Costs more than the Sunnies and some bags.
  2. I would get the sunnies as it sounds like you would get a lot of use out of them.
    If you are worried about losing them I would try just pushing them up on your head like a hair band. I don't own LV sunnies but that is where I leave my Dior ones when I go into a shop etc.
  3. get the sunnies. you are in Hawaii got to have HOT shades. I use to only by cheap pairs as well thinking I will loose them or they will break, but since purchasing Dior and Gucci shades, I have not lost or broken a single pair. I think you should totally go for the shades.
  4. hmmm.......tough call......could you get both?? lol...
    ok, seriously, i also live in a warm sunny place and i would probably get the glasses.....i'm sure you would TRY to take good care of them !!
  5. the sunnies, you won't lose them and they won't break!
  6. get the sunnies!
  7. I voted for sunnies BUT hold tight....call your SA on Monday and find out what will be increasing...sometimes things like sunnies don't increase
  8. Thanks Twiggers! I hope someone nice ansers the phone when I call cuz my SA is on vacation for the next week. Grr....yucky timing!
  9. true about taking care of the LV sunnies. they're just too expensive and gorgeous, i know you won't lose them. you know my answer lol but if the koala is going up in price and not the sunnies, get the koala first. that's about a $60 savings.
  10. Sunnies! They sound sooo hot and will be perfect for summer and hiding tiredness after the birth of the boy!
  11. :supacool::supacool::supacool::supacool::supacool::tup::heart:

  12. I totally agree. Used to buy the 2 for $10 and would lose and break within a week or two. Bought a $70 pair 6 years ago still have them....the past few years have been buying $200+ and have every pair. Must be that b/c I KNOW they are expensive, I take better care....

    GET THE SUNNIES!!!:yes:
  13. I voted for the sunnies too. You live in Hawaii after all so you'll get a lot of use out of them.

    BTW, your last voting option cracked me up!
  14. Go for the sunglasses!
  15. Sunglasses!