what should i get/ask santa for on christmas?

  1. i'm thinking of adding either a mini pochette or cles to my collection. since all of my bags are mono speedies (classic, cerises, and mc), what should i get that will fit and/or look good with (or inside of) one of those?:confused1:
  2. any ideas?!?
  3. I say damier :yes: or how about a vernis cles to brighten things up a bit? The framboise is GORGEOUS!
  4. i was thinking about the framboise cles... it's gorgeous! i was just thinking i may have problems with colors transferring onto it or getting it scratched... damier anything, actually sounds nice...
  5. How about an epi cles? That would match your bags too. :idea:
  6. framboise is so pretty, get it before it's gone.
  7. Definately the perfo cles while you can still get one! I love lvoe love that thing. Can't say enough good things!
  8. ITA! :yes:
  9. Ooh, I would say either perfo or epi. What a hard decision!
  10. thanks for all the suggestions! i was pondering the epi cles in red, but wasn't sure about it. i love the green perfo and the vernis framboise cles's but i'm still not sure... i know they're both being discontinued, so it's a very hard choice!

    any thoughts on mini pochettes?
  11. the perfo is too trendy, i vote for vernis
  12. framboise cles! i have one and i love it!! its my daily use one and no mishaps at all! vernis is not hard to take care of at all!
  13. good ideas!:smile:
  14. Azur cles!!
  15. framboise cles...I love it!