what should I expect?

  1. I am very new to this forum, and to b-bags, but after lurking for several months and listening to all you lovely people talk about your fantastic B-bags, I decided to take the plunge. The "schmooshy" leather especially interested me. So I will be getting my Black City next week.

    However, I've been reading previous posts, and it seems Didi had to soak hers in Lubriderm to make it soft. Not ever seeing one in real life, the fact that her leather was "crunching" scares me.

    What should I expect? Will my new bag be soft and "schmooshy" or dry and crackly?

    I've seen those horrible Tammi Lynn knock offs and the leather on those was all dry and crunchy which totally turned me off.

    I don't mind spraying a new leather item with protectant, but to have to "massage" a $1500 bag with a $7 bottle of lotion to make it soft offends me.

    Am I just being too fussy? Everyone please tell me what to expect.:huh:

  2. the current leather is a bit crackley, however balenciaga is fixing it for the upcoming season (so we've heard) You dont have to massage it with the apple lotion or lubriderm unless you dont like the veiney leather. The black leather is less veiney and marbley than other colors from S/S 06, so you may not need to worry about it yet. Thats why I massaged my ink hobo w/ the apple lotion- it had veiney/marbley areas that I didnt like, but if the bag didnt have those areas, I wouldnt have done it at all... so my advice is just wait until it arrives and then decide what to do according to the leather on your bag!

  3. I have a black 2006 city bag and I love it! The leather on my bag is not super thick but it is buttery soft and very supple. I have never massaged my bag or put anything on it, yet the leather is not crunchy, dry or crackly. In fact, I've used this bag every single day for 4-5 months and I feel like it continues to get softer and better. I hope this helps...

    Enjoy your fabulous new bag!
  4. Hi Iloveelmo! Welcome to the Balenciaga club!

    I have bought my first Balenciaga two months ago, an ink Purse from 2006. The leater is not a thick as previous seasons such as 2003 or 2004, but it is still goat skin, hence very light and soft.

    The variations from one season to another seem to be in the finish of the leathers. They are now not as soft as before, but thinner, and with a glazing finish that can appear marbled (white lines) or wrinkled (drier leather, with cracks). My ink had no white veins, but it was definitely on the dry side, with many wrinkles (not too deep ones) and an almost iridescent varnish. What Lubriderm does is fill up the leather and lines, helping to smoothe them out. I massaged my bag with a lotion twice, doing circles movements (just as for your face :smile: and I find it has helped a lot evening out the wrinkles.

    Apart from that, using a lotion is a good way to nourish the leather without adding any shine to it. The finish will be matte whereas if you use a normal leather conditioner, you may gain some shininess. Many PFers also swear by not treating their bags at all. A matter of taste... If your bag turns out very wrinkly, i would totally recoment to give it the lubriderm treatment, it will surely help. It has worked for me!

    PS you can see pictures of my Purse in another thread called pictures of my Ink Purse ;)
  5. If you don't want crackly leather get a black city pre 2006. I have a 2005 black city that I love to pieces because it's super smooshy and soft. You could use it as a pillow - it's by far much softer than Chanels super soft lamb skin! But when I got a 2006 pale rose city I hated the leather. I never used it, and after about a month of wrestling with the idea of keeping it I ended up selling it on ebay, and now I only have 1 bbag, my 05 black city. The other day I was at Neiman Marcus and they had a black courrier (2006) and the leather looked so weird! I was carrying my black city and comparing it to the courrier, they looked like different colors completely. The new black has alot of whitish veins in it. The 2006 leather is naturally very waxy and crinkly looking - with a high shine, lots of veins, etc. Some of the members here have said using lubriderm or massaging the bag can get it to soften up - but I'm with you, I don't want to have to twist and pull my $1300.00 bag to get it to soften up! So if you're looking for smooshy leather get a bag pre-2006 or wait for the 2007 bags to come out, because word on the street is that they're going back to softer leather.