What should I exchange my Okapi for?


which small accessory?

  1. white multicolore wapity

  2. pomme ludlow

  3. nomade pochette wallet

  4. pochette tikal

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My husband was kind enough to buy me the Okapi GM ($395) for my birthday yesterday. But I felt a bit rushed and pressed to make a decision... and now I realize that I may not use it as much as I'd thought, and it is too close to a Tumi shoulder case I have that has more room inside. So I am going to exchange it for something else... but what?? Please read below before you vote.

    Here is my wish list


    1. MC Wapity: it's so adorable and cute and fun and I love white MC in small accessories! I think I would use it for a variety of small purposes.

    2. Pomme Ludlow: my favorite vernis color, might be good as a small wallet? but I already have the pomme Koala... I think this is last on my list.

    3. Nomade pochette wallet: gorgeous caramel leather wallet. But costs so much more than the Okapi, and I'd have to make up the difference. But it's so classic!

    4. Pochette Tikal: Again, more expensive, but really cute and might be so handy in the same way a wapity would be. I already have the Tikal PM and I love that turnlock.
  2. From what I've read, sounds like you could use a wapity ... and the white MC is so cute!
  3. MC Wapity gets my vote --- it's just way too cute and quite versatile! I may want one for myself too!
  4. I'd go for the MC Wapity as well.
  5. I love both the Pomme Ludlow and the MC Wapity Case but I think the Wapity sounds best for you! :flowers:
  6. Wapity seems like the best bang for your buck, although with the good prices on the used wapities maybe you could purchase one used and use your store credit for something else?
  7. Wapity....I use it all the time. You can use it to organize in your bag or take it out for a short trip to the store or theatre etc. I love my wapity!!
  8. Me to! :yes:
  9. The wapity is SUPER CUTE and the MC is so fresh and chic
  10. :yes::yes::yes:
  11. My vote went towards the Pochette Tikal... it's what I want ATM and it soooo cute and looks roomy.
  12. Wapity or Tikal get my vote!
  13. MC Wapity
  14. My vote went for the nomade wallet. It may be more expensive but it is so beautiful, and like you said it is a classic.
  15. I voted for the nomade too ..stunning piece:love: