What should I do?


Which bag?

  1. Balenciaga small black pony-hair

  2. Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten

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  1. Should I get the Balenciaga small black pony hair bag or Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten?

    Does anyone have a photo of the B-bag that I'm talking about? It's from last winter.
  2. I personally am not fond of any hairy bags, and you may not like it in the hot summer months...and I think they do really shed too....I would go with the LV....or maybe a different Balenciaga?
  3. Darn! They are so nice to touch! I was afraid of the shedding! OH well...
  4. I'm with Donna on this one! You should look into another Balenciaga...the leather is AWESOME!
  5. which is the LV bag? could you please post a pic?
    I'm also not in favour of the ponyhair bags, but before I vote for the LV I'd like to see what it looks like!
  6. ITA with the posts above me !:yes: Go for a different B bag. (also not a fan of the LV dentelle pattern at all:shame: )
  7. Sorry, don't care for either of them. But I would like the LV one better I think.
  8. I'm not into hairy bags, but I love the Kirsten. It looks so pretty. What is the retail?

    My first love is Balenciaga, so I suggest a first. But to compare and contrast, Bbags are slouchy and hip, the dentelle looks pretty and romantic.
  9. Do you have pictures? It would be easier since I am not familiar with it.
  10. I have the small eggplant pony pouch and it's a fit for me-but then again, some think me rather...................ummm, :supacool:
  11. I would vote for the Balenciaga, but the LV is just not my style. It's all up to you, though.
  12. Don't have any pictures at the moment. Will searcha round as soon as I ca, Get s more difficult cos Louis forum is closed! Oh well... Soon...
  13. I vote for the balenciaga
  14. Ditto Donna also...
  15. I don't like "Hairs" on my bag so I'd go for Dentelle although I don't like embroidery on my bag too though.