what should i do?

  1. my SO just told me he doesn't want me to give him a v-day present..because there's about a month till i graduate and work..he says he will feel bad if he receives a present because he knows that i am a bit tight on budget right now..

    but on the other hand..im just someone who'd give presents on all occasions in a year...i'd feel bad if he gave me something but i didn't give him anything!

    what should i do.....................?

  2. Make him dinner, and buy him a card. Wear something very Sexy.

    You know the rest ......

    (I hope you are old enough for this advice) LOL
  3. LOL @ that :roflmfao:
    but I agree :yes:
  4. lol! ^ at above

    the only other thing i'd add is something swt, handmade and sentimental value. e.g a scrapbook that doesn't cost much if at all?

    you should still celebrate it! just not with materialistic goods.
  5. I agree - a thoughtful card and a beautiful day together sounds perfect.
  6. And :roflmfao: decocritter! There are young teenagers on this forum!
  7. Lotsa chocolates, dinner, a kickass dessert, and some lovin' should take care of it. :p [Wait, maybe that's what I want for V-Day. :push:]
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Cook him something special. Give him a massage. Make him a card.

    Or: organize his CDs, polish his shoes, clean his bathroom, do something he doesn't ever do for himself...
  10. When me and the BF were still in school, I made him a little portrait of himself -- it was a bit goofy but it took me a week to sketch it out and paint it on the canvas. The whole thing cost me $10 but to this day, that is the thing my BF pulls out when someone asks what is the best present he has ever gotten.
  11. Everyone is right. Gifts don't have to be something he can hold in his hands. A sweet gesture, a nice meal, a little nookie, it's all good and I'm sure he'll love it! ;)
  12. How about making his favorite meal or his fave dessert? Or how about making him a cool mix cd with songs that remind him of your fun times or something along those lines. I bought my BF a small teddy bear for our first VD, and its still in his dorm room. :love:
  13. Great ideas
  14. Yeah - not all v-day gifts have to be "bought". Something special from the heart. Very nice. Could be the best Valentine's EVER!
  15. I would make him something, card included. You don't have to buy someone something to show :heart: for them.