What should i do?

  1. i just sold a purse on eBay, the buyer already paid for it via paypal. After the auction closed i got an email from her through her eBay mail asking me to sent the purse to her mom address also locate in the same state as her. The buyer reason is that she would be out of town with her husband on his business trip. Her paypal address is verified and she have over 800 plus positive feedback. Should i go ahead and send the package to her mom address with insurance and signature confirmation ? By the way the items is under $200.00
  2. Well, as much as you want to be helpful to your buyer, I would be bit scared to send the items not in paypal confirmed address.
    When I asked seller to mail it to other address, that addres is added to paypal address, I think the seller somehow get the protection from paypal..

    Good luck I hope others will give more inputs
  3. I think it would be okay. Just keep all tracking info. If you can- require a signature for the reciept of the package.
  4. As long as you know for sure that it is the buyer that has contacted you, it should be fine. I agree, get delivery confirmation with signature.
  5. Thanks guys, yeah i'll send it out with insurance and signature confirmation.
  6. I've done that before with no problem.
  7. good eBay info ladies.
  8. I think it's okay as well. ^^
  9. I've always done this before with no problem, but it's become much more treacherous selling on ebay, I think. I'm not sure I would do it anymore as there is no protection for you if something goes wrong. Can't she wait for shipment until she returns from her trip?
  10. I agree....she should wait until she returns from her trip and can accept delivery at her confirmed address. After all, she knew she was going on the trip and would not be home to receive the package right away. Also, I think ebay may even caution against sending to an unconfirmed address. The mom part could be a "story" ...you never know. I'd be cautious and, therefore, protected.
  11. Could she perhaps ADD that address to both her Paypal and eBay accounts before you send it out???????
  12. I agree. Tell the buyer you will have to wait to send so she can sign for it from her confirmed address.
  13. I must admit I would be a little weary sending to an unconfirmed address but maybe I am paranoid!!:yes:
  14. Many sellers won't send to unconfirmed addresses, and most also state that the buyer shouldn't even ask for a seller to do so.

    In this day and age of internet fraud, deception...it's hard to know who to trust.:sad:

    If it were me, i wouldn't do it...maybe for $20 i would, but not for $200.

    Simply because you have no recourse via Paypal should things go wrong as they state that you should send to confirmed addresses only.:yes:
  15. Ask the seller to pay extra for Next Day shipping so that she'll receive it before her trip :yes: