What should I do?

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  1. I bought a Chanel through Ebay and after the seller sent it to me, I had it authenticated by Etinceler. They concluded that it was indeed an authentic Chanel.

    But now, I get a message from another Ebayer stating that the seller has offered them a second chance purchase on the bag because I returned it. The Ebayer asked me why I returned it. Of course, I still have the purse.

    This makes me feel that perhaps the bag was a fake and the seller is peddling second chance offers of more fake purses to everyone else who bid.

    What should I do? In your experience, has Etinceler ever gotten it wrong?
  2. I would return it. Too much money on a potential fake bag and the only true authenticators are Chanel shops. I would be sick to my stomach if I had to take the bag into Chanel for a repair and they tell me it's a fake bag.

    Return it while you can.
  3. Why should you put more trust on the Ebayer than on the seller? :confused1:

    The bag was already authenticated by Etinceler, you may not be able to return it without proving that is not authentic.

    I would ask the Ebayer to forward to you the offer from the seller.
  4. How did the other Ebayer get your contact information? I am not terribly familiar with how this stuff works but I thought that when you bid on something - no one other than the seller could see your username so that other bidders don't know who you are???
  5. ^ what Shannbar said. Something is sketchy here.
  6. wow, you all bring up a very good point. it turns out that ebay-er who contacted me was one that i ended up not buying a Chanel purse from due to the damage on the purse. they must have looked up my recent purchase history for the information that i purchased a different purse from another seller. people can really be weirdo's online.
  7. If you left feedback for the seller the 'second' buyer could get your info from that.
    Sounds sketchy... I would report it to eBay, maybe they can see if the seller did do a second chance or the other person is crazy and making it up
  8. Hi - I don't usually post in this forum, but I thought I would give my opinion here.... When did Etinceler authenticate the bag? After you received it or before??

    What I am getting at: - is it possible the seller did a "bait and switch" - where they take photos of the real bag (which you get authenticated), but send you a fake one?

    I don't think its a problem that another ebayer has contacted you - I did that once when I found a seller had already "sold" the bag - and I contacted the ebay buyer (because they had left feedback on the seller) to ask why they returned it, and the former buyer told me they returned it because it was fake!!!! eeek!

    Sorry, but I don't mean to freak you out here, its just that ebay is full of scammers... so if it were me, I would email Etinceler with more photos of the bag and tell them what happened (another buyer contacting you), and ask if they can absolutely confirm its authentic...

    And email that other buyer and tell them you haven't returned the bag... yet! Ask them to forward a copy of the "second chance offer" too.

    Good luck!
  9. Maybe he had a second one like it or it was a mistake? Perhaps drop the seller a note if it bothers you but you had it authenticated, so I'm not sure what the issue is ;-( If you want to have it authenticated again, put the bag up on this forum, the girls here have vast knowledge of Chanel bags.
  10. very confusing information. its not even the seller that contacted u.
    or somewhere along the line, there's some miscommunication
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    If I understand this correctly, you're just doubting your purchase. Am I missing anything here? So you purchased a bag that has been authenticated as genuine. You no longer want the bag because you're doubting it so you'll be returning it. The seller of course has a right to sell it again so he/she offered it to the next person who made an offer. Assuming you already left a feedback after receiving the purse, your ebay name will be public in history. The potential buyer just wants to do some investigation before buying. So what's so sketchy about this?? And how did you conclude that the purse is fake from this?? If you're doubting after authentication, then why even buy used???

    The seller sounds like a good seller accepting your return given the bag is authentic. You don't seem to have a legit reason other than you "think" the purse is fake although experts you paid money said otherwise. I hope you don't plan to keep your money AND the purse. It sounds very sketchy to me why you haven't shipped out the bag when you want to return it and expect a refund??
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    My understanding is that the OP was happy with the bag and had no intention of returning it, but began to wonder when another ebayer emailed her with information (likely false) that raised suspicions. OP, no one can be 100% correct 100% of the time, so statistically, yes, there's some margin of error in online authenticating, but I seriously doubt that's the case here. If it were me, I'd put that issue aside, especially since you had the bag authenticated after you received it, which would make the bait and switch scenario a non-issue.

    Honestly, it sounds like the other ebayer may be acting out of spite, giving you false information because the transaction between the two of you didn't go as she planned. I'd check it out with the seller (what's his or her feedback like?) and then report it to ebay, but don't return it over something as silly as this.
  13. Thanks for clarifying! OP, did the seller leave you a feedback already? I'm assuming this person who emailed you is stalking your account and stirring up problems. In this case, it's best to contact the seller to ask what is going on and also Ebay as well if something seems fishy with the seller's response. Btw, how is the seller's feedbacks history??
  14. yes, you understand the situation exactly! i was happy with the purse and was going to keep it, especially after i had it authenticated. i didn't question the authenticity until i received the email from the "other ebayer." i do believe that the ebay-er who emailed me was acting out of spite.

  15. Yes, we both left each other positive feedback and I considered the transaction done. The seller has excellent feedback. I believe you're exactly right about this "other ebayer" stalking my account.