What should i do ?

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  1. Got a call today to saw my store has a sac en v in epsom rouge vermillion in the 2nd size , am going to look tomorrow has any one seen one up close and what are the opinions... my cyclamen birkin has not arrived so may i am clutching at straws for a new bag for christmas... honest opinions please..
  2. Hi! Get it if you love it!
    I haven't tried on the bag in person but it looks like it may be awkward to carry (bulky?)
    But I'm the wrong person to ask. As with all H bags, if leaving the store without it pains you, it's the bag to get! If you're so-so about it, wait for the bag you really want. :smile:
  3. I agree with GT on this. You HAVE to love it when you see it. If not, pass.

    I've seen and fondled the sac en V in my store in SF and I have to say that to me, it's too boxy. It opens beautifully and you can pack the house inside but the shape is a little boxy for my liking. I'd probably opt for a Plume over the Sac.......but please, this is just me, Birkin girl!!!!
  4. I saw it here in Paris FSH.. to be honest.. not a fan.. it looks like a rectangle box.. not my ideal bag style!!

    I say try it and then have a talk with the SA about your cyclamen birkin!!
  5. Will do ! cant believe my birkin has not arrived it was a autumn winter delivery ...boo hoo...:crybaby:
  6. I hope you hear good news about your birkin on your next visit to the boutique :smile:
  7. Yeah wait for your Birkin...the Sac En V is a cute little bag in the smaller size and I'm impressed Hermes has finally updated themselves to put in a cell phone slot this time but I'd hold out for the Birkin anytime. You will get yours ...soon....fingers crossed for you.
  8. I've played with the 36cm Sac En V this afternoon. Sad to say, I am not a fan. Wait for the birkin, birkingirl. This is what I am planning to do too.
  9. You HAVE to love it. If you don't, don't be shy and pass on.
  10. As said, you'll know if you MUST have it....I think the birkin is going to be a better fit and hopefully will arrive soon!
  11. Keep us posted.