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  1. I bought a mono groom pochette cles, but after about two weeks it had chipped badly, so I took it back to the store where they didn't hesitate to give me an exchange. However, two weeks into having the second one I noticed that it has started to do exactly the same thing, except in a different place this time (on the grooms shadow, whereas before it was on the suitcase). On the white strip I can also see the brown canvas starting to show through. I had actually noticed that when I took it home, but I didn't want to be fussy and take it back again. But since it cost me £100, I don't really think it's good enough. Its not like I've been rough with it, it always stays in the pocket in my batignolles regular, and I also purchased the round coin purse when I was there, and I've had no problems with that whatsoever. Will they exchange it a second time? Surely they have to because its faulty? In reality, it was faulty in the shop, as there was thinning of paint on the white strip. I'm just really worried that they won't. Help me!:crybaby:
  2. I would take it back and demand a refund. I guess I've been pretty lucky with all my goodies (I have yet to have ANYTHING chip/fade/peel/etc. and I ABUSE my bags and accessories).
  3. I would definately take it back!
  4. I really like the groom, though. Do you think it could be a case of 'third time lucky'?
  5. I just feel like they're going to be accusatory, like 'it must be your fault since it's happened again':sad:
  6. ask again, wouldn't hurt, especially if you like the design. you are their loyal customer, its the very least they could do.
  7. You can give it another shot. You never know. I've been using my groom cles from the day I got it and it's hanging off my car keys. It's thrown around everywhere (including my purse) and, as I said, there is not one scratch on the print. Maybe both of the cles you've got so far came from the defective batch or something. Good luck!
  8. So has it been established that there was a defective batch? It does seem funny that people have had more issues with the cles than the other groom pieces, me included.
  9. Take it back and get a refund or exchange it for another cles.
  10. wow. isnt louis vuitton supposed to be incredible quality???
  11. 'Supposed' is the operative word there! Recently they seem to have been having a few issues with quality, not just with the groom pieces either, from what I've gathered.
  12. I don't think it has been confirmed, just a suspicion, since it does seem a larger than normal amount of people have had problems with the cles...while some, myself included, have had none :smile:
  13. I wish that I was one of the lucky ones!
  14. you should take it back for an exchange or refund and be confident! £100 is not pittance (well not to me) and good luck!
  15. I would take it back and maybe get something else. Also, maybe it is a sign that LV should stop putting characters on their bags.