What should I do?

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  1. I am at a crossroads...

    I have the option to buy a brand new Neverfull GM or another bag which is rare, preowned, beautiful and unique. And about half the price! :P I don't want to say what the preowned bag is, but believe me, it's a stunning bag and in near mint condition!

    So what would my fellow tPFer's do?
  2. NF will always be around. If the unnamed mint bag is what you want and the price is right get it. You may not have another chance at it.
  3. No contest, go the Unique Bag!
  4. I totally agree with krispin41, the Neverfull will always be around. My vote is also for the unique bag! :nuts:
  5. Go mystery bag! Neverfull will be around and, since Mystery Bag is half the cost, you'd be able to get the NF that much sooner if you really wanted it.
  6. I suppose it would depend on what the mystery bag is, but I agree that NF will be around for a while. Mystery bag probably won't.
  7. Definitely get the mystery bag. You can always get the NF.
  8. Pre-own LE fabulous bag! NF GM is so get it anytime... it will be around and you won't miss it. If you missed this rare LE beauty, you will regret it. I know I have a few times.
  9. I'm personally not a fan of NF so I have to say the other pre-loved rare bag!
  10. ITA^ If it is something you would use and really want!
  11. Go for the unique one.
  12. Sounds like you are quite excited about the preowned bag. I agree with the rest - if this is what you like, especially if it's discontinued, then get it first! Azur NF will be around for quite a while and to be honest, it's not an extremely stunning bag compared to a lot of other styles. More of a functional tote.
  13. get the pre-owned bag -- you can get NF later.
  14. Unique bag now and get the Neverfull later!
  15. Get the pre-loved bag.